Sega: Reboots from Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi would be in preparation, 1ers details

Jet Set Radio & Crazy Taxi Reboots Incoming? Here's How SEGA Can Make these
After obtaining good booking results with the cinematographic adaptations of Sonic, SEGA would intend to bring to the cinema Streets of Rage \ – one of its other flagship series that rocked the youth of a lot of players in The 90s – as learned this morning via Deadline. Even if the Japanese publisher seems to appreciate the dark rooms, it does not forget the video game. Indeed, if we believe the last indiscretions of Bloomberg, the firm of Haneda will currently float on two reboots of Crazy Taxi and Jet Radio Set, two titles that have marked the existence of the Dreamcast.

According to our colleagues, the two games would be part of the famous “Super Game” project we talked about last week. Internally, nothing would still be engraved in the marble and a cancellation is not excluded, in any case with respect to the reboot of Jet Set Radio. Because for that of Crazy Taxi, the site has started more than a year ago, with the objective of an exit in 2024 or 2025. Anyway, Fortnite would act as an example to follow for its ability to generate Important revenues on a regular basis, its presence on different platforms, and its community that has millions of users.

For the record, Sega said that a so-called “Super Game” production would necessarily have AAA ambitions. Moreover, as Bloomberg reminds, a “Super Game” FPS is in development: the publisher targets the 100 billion yen revenue yen on the life cycle of the game, more than 720 million euros.