Is it innovative for DC game development such as “Gossum Knights”? Warner Brothers New Companies Reporting with Policy Review

US Entertainment Business Specializing Media Variety, Warner Brother Spear Discovery, including “ Games, etc.”, such as “ Batman “, “ Superman **”, etc. Reviewed for DC Entertainment IP Deployment Strategy We reported the information on the relationship of the relationship that we are considering.

In early April, Warner Media merged with Discovery and established a new company “Warner Brothers Discovery”. Although it has not yet passed from the merger, the person concerned is the company CEO David Zaslab thinks that “DC comic character can maximize the possibility of DC comic characters”.

According to the story, “Aquaman” “The Batman-The Batman-” is successful in the movie, while characters such as “Superman” are still sluggish and need to be resurrected There is no other person concerned with the discovery side. And the company believes that the approach to DC comics must be grown to “including the strengthening of the game sector”.

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In January 2022 Warner Media showed the motivation to sell the year of “Gossum Knights”, but it is expected that it is safe for the release even after the merger.