Hogwarts Legacy: 3 reasons for not playing it

The debate about Hogwarts Legacy goes to the next round. After the Harry Potter author has been criticized for their transfather’s statements, other unsightly things are now about the content of the game, as well as his development, to light. Overall, there are three good reasons for many fans not to buy the game. A comment.

Reason 1: J.K. Rowling is transfendent

J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter books, has repeatedly noticed in recent months and years again and again by transfather statements on Twitter. In her tweets, it is often about representing trans women as dangers for CIS women and exclude them from feminist discourses. In general, trans people often speak their gender. Hermione-actress Emma Watson, Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe and authors such as Stephen King publicly face rowing statements.

Now the Christmas business 2022 Hogwarts Legacy should appear. A game, on the fans already fever.

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Many who are looking forward to the supposed role-playing epic can hide J.K Rowling personal views. If you do not share the controversial opinions of the author, it is often the term “Death of the author” – or to German “death of the author” in the discourse.

The concept describes a phenomenon that does not play a major role in the intentions and thoughts of the author in terms of his work. If this has reached a certain status, weighing the meanings and interpretations ** the fans heavier than everything the author or the author originally wanted to express them and what their or their personal views are.

With regard to Harry Potter and Hogwarts Legacy, this means that fans connect so much positives with the brand that they do not want to make this from J.K Rowling Private Opinions . The work and its effect is therefore more important as The angry author.

But there is a hook: J. K. Rowling, and thus their discriminatory statements are financially supported by the purchase of Hogwarts Legacy. As a right-hand holder, the author deserves the game, although it is not actively involved in itself **. Either directly by sales or indirectly by the fact that Warner Bros. has paid her in advance a huge sum of money.

For this reason, there are also many long-term fans who boycott the game. For you, the purchase of Hogwarts Legacy is not simply justifying that you fancy the Harry Potter adventure. With the boycott you want to set a sign that is more important than pure fun. Often this view comes from queer circles, ie directly affected, or “allies” – so people who are for equal rights of LGBTQ Insert people.

by fan love for disappointment

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Even Phil is part of the queer community and was a big fan of Harry Potter and everything with the brand for years. On Instagram he led a successful fan account that had over 20,000 followers ** for his wedding. Money was often invested in fan articles or traveling to Harry Potter Studios.

In conversation, Phil explains what Harry Potter means to him:

“The world of Harry Potter was always a refuge for me. I always had the feeling that J. K. Rowling is extremely tolerant. (…) I always thought the Harry Potter world, the Wizarding World, is a place where you are accepted how to and where you can be what you want. That’s how I know the Fandom. “

Phil, Phil had not expected with Rowling’s transfather statements. While he defended initial, minor controversies around the author, it became more clearly clearer that she is very serious with her transfinity.

“I was extremely shocked when the thing came to light with the transfinity. Alone through their own tweets. Personally, I’ve been extremely betrayed, or let off, felt. “

To help you financially less, Phil has made the decision to buy Merchandise and Hogwarts Legacy at most second hand.