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The Last Kingdom: 7 movies to see on Netflix while waiting for the end of the saga

The Series The Last Kingdom ended on a fifth season even if a film is in preparation for the Grand Final. So in the meantime, here is a selection of 7 similar movies available on Netflix.



Gladiator is a cult movie. If you have not seen it, it’s the opportunity! Behind this masterpiece hides Alien Aka Ridley Scott’s father. Out in 2000, this peplum features the fall of General Roman Maximus Decimus (Russell Crowe). This is the most faithful servant and support of Emperor Marc Aurèle. His dedication is such that he is devoted to becoming the successor of the sovereign. Nevertheless, before it arrives, Marc Aurelère is murdered by his own son, convenient, who sees the climb of Maximus. He quickly takes the place of his father and decides to punish General Roman by moving it, he and his family. It is the only one to escape, but is captured by a slave dealer. Become gladiator, Maximus aims to reach the hearts of the people through his determination and his fights in order to confront convenience in duel. Gladiator won 5 Oscars including those of the best film and the best actor for Russell Crowe.

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the last of the Mohicans

The last of the Mohicans is a Michael Mann movie in 1992. This is an adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper’s work of the same name. While the French and the English compete with the Indian lands, a young English officer, Duncan Heyward, has the mission to bring two sisters back to their father. On the way, they are caught in an ambush stretched by the enemy. They are saved by HawKeye, a border of European origin, but raised by Mohican Chingachgook and his son UNCAS. They decide against all odds to help the two young women to find their father.

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The king

King is a Netflix production by David Michôd and released in 2019. This is an adaptation of the Henry IV and Henri V plays of William Shakespeare. HAL (Timothy Chalamet) is a young prince who turned his back to his royal destiny. He prefers to live with the people, but when his father, the terrible Henry IV, dies, he has no more choice. Hal must take the place that comes back to the thr1. Had Henry V, the Sovereign faces political disorder left by his father after his death. But if it was only that! “Dad” also bequeathed him the famous Hundred Years War! With a five-star cast and consistent budget, King lingers on the fate of a sovereign who did not want to be.

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Outlaw King: King Outlaws

Outlaw King: The Outlaw King is a Netflix production output in 2018 and carried out by David Mackenzie. She tells the famous story of the King Outlaw Robert de Brus (Chris Pine), the first sovereign of Scotland. We are at a time when King Edward I from England dominates the Scottish kingdom while some people seek to get independence, like the noble Robert de Brus. The movie tells us how he will get the crown against his will and become the symbol of a free Scotland. Opposite, the King of England is against this movement, which would cost him much of his land. That’s why he considers Robert de Brus as an outlaw. A great battle is announced between the two leaders, ready for all for victory. If you like Braveheart, Outlaw King should satisfy you!

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Robin des Bois, Prince of Thieves

Robin des Bois, prince of thieves is the adaptation of the famous British eponymous legend. The film came out in 1991 and was directed by Kevin Reynolds. The story is happening in 1193. The King of England Richard Heart of Lion is a prisoner of the Austrians. Meanwhile, a certain Robin from Locksley (Kevin Costner) escapes from his prison in Jerusalem. He returns home, in Britain, but he will quickly disase. Its lands were destroyed and are now led by the Nottingham Terrible Sheriff. Barely arrived, Robin is considered directly an outlaw. It is obliged to hide in the forest of Sherwood where he meets a robbery troop with whom he is allying. Together, they will challenge the sheriff and thwart the plan intended to seize the throne.

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The Revenant

With The returning , we attack the very very heavy. This is the film that offered the Oscar for the best actor in Leonardo di Caprio. Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and released in 2015, the returning is inspired by real facts. In a North America where the laws of nature are needed, the trapper Hugh Glass is savagely attacked by a bear. Despite the brutality of the animal, he survives. His team manages to recover it, but a traitor leaves him for dead and kills his son before his eyes. Buried alive, everything seems lost for him. His thirst for revenge will keep him alive and get him out of the grave. He has only one goal: to find his former brother of arms John Fitzgerald to take revenge. He will have to brave a hostile environment, with only weapon his will, in order to quench his thirst for blood. Named 12 times at the Oscars 2016, the film won the best actor, the best film and the best photography.

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Trojan is a Wolfgang Petersen movie released in 2004 that traces the history of Trojan. During ancient Greece, the Queen of Sparte is removed by Paris, Prince de Troy. The Kings Menelas and Agamemnon, feeling insulted, decide to declare the war at the enclaved city. Behind the release of Queen Hélène hides the intention of enlarged the Empire of Agamemnon. However, they encounter a problem: the city of Trojan has never been invaded by anyone, thanks to its impregnable fortifications. This is why both kings appeal to the man who can return the situation… Achilles (interpreted by Brad Pitt), considered as the greatest warrior of his time.

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