Ghost of Tsushima will no longer receive more updates

Since its launch at 2020, Sucker Punch has been working hard on updates and DLC content of Ghost of Tsushim A. In addition to the excellent multiplayer mode, ghost of tsushima: legends, the expansion of Iki Island also gave us an excuse to return to this sensational exclusive of PlayStation . But if you expected more patches in the future, then we regret tell you that it will not be like that anymore.

Ghost Of Tsushima 2 Accidentally Confirmed By Sucker Punch

Yesterday, this game was updated version 2.18 , which includes a pair of improvements to Single-Player and Legends mode. In addition to sharing the official notes, Sucker Punch also mentioned that they are no longer working on more patches for the game, but they will continue to listen to the fans and if necessary, they will launch more updates to correct some Bugs and Glitches.

Sucker Punch took the opportunity to thank fans for all support, and although they do not mention anything about a sequel, in the past we have already had several tracks that indicate that it is already under development.

Editor’s note: The truth is that Sucker Punch wore all these updates, and at the end of the day, Ghost of Tsushima ended up being a much more extensive and complete game of the anticipated. There is no doubt that your sequel will be even more ambitious, and I’m dying to know exactly what they are between hands.