Mobile game slam dunk, Ace

Dena, Ltd, said it has added an Ace Jung Dae-eun player data to the mobile game ‘Slam Dunk’ that is served.

Ace Chang Dae-eun player data is a shooting guard position, as a person optimized for a medium-range shot because it is a shooting guard position, a sophisticated three-point shot in the coat. He is especially equating to the nickname called ‘flame man’ ▲ flame MVP, ▲ flame dribble, ▲ caught a skill, ▲, which is a fast and explosive performance.

First, fireworks MVP can strengthen the shoot skills, and can speak faster and more stable, and flame dribbles can have a distance to the opponent for a short period of time. In addition, the Catching Sparks can shoot the ball immediately if you catch the ball while you are ready to shoot. In addition, in the Ace Chang Dae-eun player data, the step jump shot, instantaneous movement steel, and rapid assault, etc. can also be seen.

This Ace Condensation Proceed a rich event such as weekly challenges, login & training, and potential gifts until April 30 commemorating the athlete updates. If you succeed in certain missions such as the execution of the exhaust, the execution of the exhausts, the exhaust of the cumulative, the 7th victory, the diary roulette 15 times.

In addition, you can acquire skill training cards, potential materials, and so on by the cumulative login date, which only access the game. In addition, achieving a certain number of cumulative times of potential drawing, the potential drawing coupon, potential material, and characteristic materials can be presented.

In addition, colorful events such as fireworks men are achievement, tier achievement, traffic spurt, water balloon fishing, and linking rings. Mobile Games ‘Slam Dunk’ Ace Chang Dae Only more information on updates can be found through the official community.