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Mass Effect: the Troiloy

The developers of Bioware are currently working on the fourth part of Dragon Age. There, the work obviously progresses well as evoked from a recently published community update. Accordingly, particularly high value is placed on realistic characters for the fantasy role play. While Dragon Age 4 will probably appear according to previous assessments towards the end of next year, we already know what is then for the studio on the program. Mass Effect should be continued with a new part, after all that we know so far, connecting to the original shepard trilogy. Until the time has come, but a lot of patience will be asked about the fans.

In the already mentioned community update of Bioware, the language also comes shortly at the current state of Mass Effect. “At the beginning of this project, we have set up a few principles that we want to support ourselves during development, and that it was probably the most effective of which we want to have the best tools that fit our game. I strongly believe that developers More creative if we reduce the friction points of the daily work. The tools easy to use and reliable, make it easier for developers to be creative, which ultimately makes the game better, “explains the technical director Maciej Kurowski. This refers to both the development of Dragon Age 4 and the new Mass Effect.

Shepard Meets The Warden Amell - Mass Effect Dragon Age Animated Short [UE4]
In the past, there were always reports that many of the development problems of Anthem and Mass Effect: Andromeda were attributable to the inappropriate frostbite engine because they do not have the tools needed for biowares type of games. The development of matching tools for Dragon Age 4 is now certainly the work at the new Mass Effect too good. In the community update, the developers finally mention that the game is now in “Early Development”, ie an early development phase. This formulation was used for the first time in connection with Mass Effect. Previous statements of Bioware so far rather close to an experimental prototype phase. Now the project seems to have received a little more drive. However, the developers also made it clear that it will take a while before they can betray more details about the game.

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