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How to undergo a test “Stylish way down” in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

During the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, you will have three additional tasks for saving the hatch, hot and cold. The execution of these three additional tests will reward you with a kaiber brick, which is vital to improve your character with new skills.

The task “Stylish way down” can be performed at this level, finding a more stylish path down the towers. You must go down all five cable cars scattered around the territory. That’s how.

Where to find all five zip-lines

Most of Ziplein can be found on top of the towers, which allows you to quickly go back to the ground. However, on the way to one tower there are two more additional lines for which you will need to go down to accomplish this task.

shield door tower

It will be on top of the tower behind the walls and protective doors, which will allow you to quickly return to the central part of the Earth.

Hoth and Cold - Level Challenges Gameplay - Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

Bridge Tower

This postal code is located on top of the tower, to which you must lower the bridge with a faulty speaker. This is another postal line that will return you to the central playground.

Snow Tower

As shown above, you will need to use three different cableways to perform the task in this place.

  • The first zip line is located on a hill next to the tower used to knock down the snow embankments that block the path. Using this line, you descend to another stony platform. From here there is a zip code that will lead you back to the ground, and the path leading in another direction to the tower.
  • The second lightning leads you from the middle back to the center. You can easily use this short trial line and go back along the path to go to the tower.
  • The third zip code is on top of the tower and will lead you back to the center where you can find a vamp cave after agreeing on all signals from each tower.

Completion of the level status

After the level, you can double-check that you have successfully completed the mission. Level status will show all the problems that you encountered at the level and any collectibles that you have collected. Stylish path down should be highlighted in green with a check mark to confirm that it is completed. If you do all three-level tests, you can win Kyber Brick.

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