Animal crossing: new horizons

Animal Crossing residents is a real disgust package and humiliates poor soul at bus stop

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, hach, such a soothing and peaceful game. Almost. Ironically, the Nintendo Switch Hit makes us frighteningly easy to play our poor residents of residents and be real disgusting packages. But there is another way. In this particular case, a fan has become the “victim” of a small but common humiliation, which we do not want to pretend you (via Gamerant).

If you THROW UP in Animal Crossing, this happens...

Even islanders can be pussy

It’s about this video: For a small smile on Monday, the lower video looks at you. Residents Bruce asks Reddit user * in “magic_the_unicorn” if he / she may not be able to sit with him on the bank of a bus stop. And then… well, just see yourself:

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Okay, okay. He sat . As soon as the character flakes to the bench, Bruce is easy. How mean. I’m pretty sure that the fan has joined Bruce to chat there a little with him, maybe to meet him a little more. But wrong thought, the little blue goat is ice cold.

But to be fair: It can be assumed that the DEVS did not develop this small troll campaign, or that it is not a real part of Bruces character. Maybe the game Bruce (or any other animal) just gives up the command to get up as soon as the player character sets it to the bank. The video is funny but always.

And apropos “disgusting package”: I’m not innocent yourself and have huge fun here as an island spokwoman in my poor neighborhood. In my column, I describe how and why I hear my animal in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Do not worry, the karma has already struck: My dear Switch Hit colleagues Rae and Basti have therefore played a prank and transformed my entire island into a Bärchen-Wunderland. I probably earned it.

Are you dear to your residents?