Wow: Thats why Sylvanas allied with the Chairman

Sylvanas and the Chairman were a unequal couple who put the shadow land on his head. For a long time, her alliance was a mystery. Where and when did you meet for the first time? And how did the Chairman managed to convince sylvanas from his plan? In World of Warcraft these many questions were not answered. But fortunately, there is a book in which we learn more about Sylvanas and their devoted allies.

The WoW novel “Sylvanas” appeared on 29 March 2022 in English. The German readers will have to wait a bit. The German edition will be published only on May 24, 2022.

The puzzle around Sylvanas

Bansheekenigin Sylvanas is a legend in World of Warcraft (Buy Now). In Classic WoW and TBC, she made a name lead in particular as a leader of the undead. In Wotlk Sylvanas continued her hunt for the Lichkönig. According to Arthas’s death, she searched for eternal peace , but instead of paradise she landed in hell. This phrase was a great injustice according to its moral standards. Im Short Film War Bringer: Sylvanas described the Bansheekönigin her earlier I as a “fool”. Her life as Undead was fulfilled by hatred and bitterness and it was only a matter of time until she wanted to take frustration of revenge on the living.

In the new WoW book Christie Golden gives us an insight into the world of thought of Sylvana’s wind runners. Source: Blizzard in Battle for Azeroth Sylvanas finally dropped her mask. The Bansheekönigin broke a bloody war of fence, which cost the countless soldiers and civilians life. For Lore fans, Sylvana’s aim in Azeroth did not make sense, Some players then made their trouble air. In Shadowlands, Blizzard dissolved at least part of the great puzzle. Sylvanas did not work on their own, but worked with a villain called Zovaal. However, the Chairman and his plans gave the players just as many puzzles, like Sylvanas’ sudden sense change.

Players, who were interested in the story of Wow, fell truly difficult for a long time to assemble the many story puzzle pieces around the Bansheekönigin. Finally, at that time we did not know why Sylvanas followed the chairman as unconditionally. This blatant phrase simply did not fit the picture of the passionate Sylvanas from Warcraft 3.

This story brings Blizzard now in the new WoW novel “Sylvanas”. The first meeting of Sylvanas and Zovaal in the Shadowland is an important key torque for the history of World of Warcraft. The book gives us more context to the confusing story of Sylvanas and gives us an insight into the world of thought of the Bansheekönigin. It is a pity that Blizzard shares these important story info so late with us. But as it says so nice rather late than never!

The First meeting

Sylvanas jumps to death at the end of Wotlk and then lands in the Schlund. There she meets for the first time on the cheater master. Source: Blizzard Sylvanas’ Throughout Soul is at the center of the complex story that began in Wotlk. According to Arthas’s death, she searched for eternal peace, but instead of paradise she landed in hell. This twist was a big injustice for you. And that’s exactly what the cheater master uses for his plans. Thanks to frostgram, he collected many psychic splinters in the third war, through which he influenced the actions of well-known heroes such as Uther light brawers indirectly.

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In the sanctum of the rule we learn that Zovaal also experienced about Sylvanas’ second soul part. So he was able to pull Sylvanas directly into the Schlund at the end of Wotlk. In Torghast, the dungeon championed you then with all sorts of lies about an unfair world order in which the noble souls are punished and redeemed villains. In the book Christie Golden describes the first meeting of Zovaal and Sylvanas so:

_ “I am Zovaal. Before I What The Jailer of This Place, I Reigned Over The Realms of Death FROM The Precipice of Eternity Itself. I Stood as Arbiter Over Every Mortal Soul Whose Letter Flicker of Life Had Sputtered Out. In Instant I Knew The Entirety Of Their Existance. And Time After Time, Do You Know What I Saw? Fragile Being Left to the Fickle Whims of Fate. Their World, Their Kin; Whether They Were Wise or Simple, Hale Or Sickly; Thesy Things Were Forced Upon Them. From The Moment They Drew Their First Breath Until They Exhaled Their Last, The Choice What Never Theirs. And When Their Lives Ended, It’s My Duty To Decide Their Soul’s Fate For All Eternity. “_

_Anger Flared AS She Thought of Her Own Life. The Decisions Made for. “No. I Refuse to Believe This Nonsense.” _

_ […] _

Her Eyes Focused on the Glowing Symbols, And For The First Time The Hazy Shapes Hardened Into Crystal Clarity. And In That Instant, She Summoned Forth The Banshee’s Wail To Shatter the Darkness With Her Rage. _ “Frostmourne! You Bear The Mark Of The Blade That Ended Me!” _

_The Jailer’s Voice Remained Cold, Dispassionate. “A blade designed by the venegul Mind of My Brother. The Same Brother Who Used Domination to Bind Me.” _

_ […] _

_ “I want lists to nothing you have to say,” sylvanas snarled. “Your Words Stink of Lies! I Am Dead, I Am This, BECAUSE OF YOU! Why Would I Ever Aid You?” _

Zovaal sees itself as a victim of this unjust cosmic order. He reminded us of Shadowlands often enough. In his encounter with Sylvanas, Zovaal conceals the reason for his punishment and even pushes on the trailing gland by making his brother, the Primus of Maldraxxus as insane tyrants in the poor light.

About the great threat, allegedly lurking on us on the edge of the cosmos, the Chairman does not lose a word. The Bansheekönigin was suspicious at her first encounter with Zovaal, but without her second soul fragment, Sylvana was imperfect and not quite the mistress of her senses. This means that she was unable to question the history of the Charter Master. Again understanding: Frostgram Zovaal Sylvanas robbed an important part of their personality and turned them into a malicious image of their own.

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