Pub: Battlegrounds: Sanhok returns to his roots in Update 17.1

With the publication of the latest update for PUBG: Battlegrounds from Krafton, Inc. on April 13 for PC and on April 21 for consoles, players can go back to familiar terrain.

The original design of the Map Sanhok returns with changes to overburdened paradise. In addition to the return of the original Sanhok, the update 17.1 also introduces the new ACE32 weapon, a new rank line season, balancing updates at the tactic pack and much more.

  • The original Sanhok returns: As already announced in the PubG DEV Plan 2022, Sanhok returns to its original form. The lobstery building in the boot camp, the docks, the ruins, the quarry and the blue-green jungle design are back on the map. After the update of the card in 2020 and repeated feedback of the community, the team decided to revise a large part of Sanhok and adapt the card to the original version to the original version by removing the booted trucks, the noise grenade and the interference transmitter pack.

PUBG Update 17.1 Patch Notes - New Weapon ACE 32 & Old Sanhok RETURNS
* New ranking season: With Update 17.1, a new rank line season will be introduced, allowing every season 16 earned rewards to be added to the inventory of players as soon as the new ranking season starts. After the end of the season 17, the maintenance of the server will remove all rewards up to the parachute skin from the inventory.
* New weapon – ACE32: A new 7.62mm weapon comes in Update 17.1 as it gives less 7.62-mm than 5.56 mm weapons in the current AR-Waffenpool. The recoil ACE32 is easier to control than the Beryl M762 and available for players on all cards.
* Adjustments of tactical equipment: With 17.1, the tactical package does not retain any other tactical equipment (drone, EMT equipment and spotting) more.

Suitable for this message, the upcoming patch notes for Update 17.1 have been published, which you can already reading you.