Domestic items Cash trading market increased

Last year, the domestic item cash trading market was greater than the previous year. The market size is estimated at a minimum of 1.2 trillion won.

Domestic items Cash trading market is mainly made through item enthusiasts and item bases. The two companies have 100% stake in Viennium Holdings. Viennium Holdings is a dominant company and is a brother company and an item massive company. Item Mania is operated by the company IM child (representative clamp). The Item Bay Operation Company is the same name, the like (joint representative Kim Sang-hyung, Kim Myung Bae).

The two companies are divided into “fee sales” of item mediation transaction fees. The two companies serve as an item trading, account trading, and affiliate vouchers. Item Mania walks 5% of the seller with a commission. The basic fee is 1,000 won, up to 47,000 won. Item Bay is less than 20,000 won, less than 5%, less than 1,000 won fee charges to the seller.

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Sales in IM Ai is 36.1% YoY, US $ 48.7 billion and operating profit increased by 87.5%. Last year, IMI fee sales increased by 37.6% and W47.2bn. Item Bay 2021 sales increased by 1.4% YoY to W5.1bn, operating profit increased by 3.1 billion won. Last year, the item Bay Fee sales increased by 4% and 12.8 billion won.

If the amount of item is a combination of item masses and item enthusiasts, it is estimated to be about 1.2 trillion won. The combination of two company fees is a combination of 600 billion won in the combination of 5% of the commission. Cash transactions, which have not passed by the item Bay and Item Mania, and other variables, and other variables have not been reflected.

Item trading and account trading are mostly a game company forces for the terms of the game. In general, in the game, the game is the concept of ‘use right’ that users can use according to the criteria set by the game. It is not the concept of ‘ownership’ in the user.

However, the Supreme Court reported that a cash transaction is possible in 2009. The Supreme Court explained that it is a gameplay or item that is a product that invests time and effort.