3. League: Case Turkey Captence for DFB A Clear Stretch

The abrupt end of TurkGücü Munich will probably take more consequences for admission to the 3rd league after the will of the German Football Corporation.

However, the Committee Chairman Tom Eilers made it clear in a media round on Thursday that such cases will not be excluded in the future despite all regulations.

“The approval procedure is the road sign, which stands in front of the curve,” said Eilers, but limited: “If the speed limit is not complied with, you can only live with the sanctions – you can not save the curve that flies out of the curve ” One could then only try to “keep the impact on competition as low as possible”.

Türkkengücü was submitted on 27 January an application for the opening of insolvency proceedings. In contrast to the case of the KFC Uerdingen, who had played the season 2020/21 despite his insolvency to the end, the Munich entered the game operation at the end of March, their results were taken out of the rating.

“Clear strike” and “neck strike” for third-league clubs

3-3 Stack LB Blitz Drill
The relevant DFB vice president Peter Frymuth called the case TurkGücü a “club beat” and “neck strike” for all those clubs of the 3rd league, which would not last seriously despite the effects of the Cornona pandemic.

The DFB has already presented new admission criteria for the 3rd league, further strengthening also apply to the 2023/24 season. The case TurkGücü should still be considered by the responsible Task Force.

League Managing Director Manuel Hartmann explained that the objective is that the equity of clubs improve and “the agreements are complied with”. You wanted to do everything “still saddle-festival”.

Above all, the personnel costs, which have risen from 4.2 million euros on average in the 2019/2020 season to 4.9 million euros per club in the season 2020/2021, the league officers want to look more closely.

Cases such as TurkGücü Munich, in the opinion of Eilers, can only be prevented even if the association conditions are to be prevented, if the clubs are planning serious and work: “If the plan values are already wrong, one has a problem.”