MSV Duisburgs coach Schmidt: have everything in the hand

After the last two defeats in the league, Viktoria Berlin could move closer to MSV again. MSV-ChefCoach Hagen Schmidt nevertheless leaves a pressure: “We have everything in the hand. If we score, then the behind it can score. It is important that we stay in this position to have it in my hand.”

The coach expects a competitive game with an actively defending team made of hall, which will require much concentration. “But we still have to look at us that we get our strengths on the square and take the initiative in the game,” expects SCHMIDT from his team.

That a spark on the audience skips and this behind the team is an important factor for Schmidt.

MSV-Trainer Hagen Schmidt völlig bedient! | 3. Liga | MSV Duisburg

Victory in the Lower Rhine Cup

On Wednesday, the MSV in the Lower Rhine Cup 2: 0 against the Oberliglists 1. FC Bocholt. After the 1: 5 defeat against Kaiserslautern, the coach is looking forward to the fact that the team “with the right attitude” has gone to the game. Schmidt is sure that his team will beat against hall.

Especially for the Matchwinner John Yeboah the 52-year-old is pleased: “The two goals now have the necessary buoyancy for the last games and now he can go a bit far more freed to the matter.”

Midfielder Caspar Jander will be ready for use again. Whether Vincent Gembalies can play again after his slight tattering, decides in the final training. Furthermore, the Duisburgers must refrain from Captain Moritz Stoppelkamp (Muscle FaserRiss).