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[Steam of today] Chrono cross, classical redirectal frames drop

A number of classic games released as a recent spherical console is being released on steam via remaster. On the 8th, the Chrono Cross Limaster version, one of the Square Enix’s masterpieces, was released on Steam, and attracted attention to the 8th place for sale in the world.

Chrono cross was RPG, RPG, released as a playstation in 1999, took a favorable story and harmonious to the charming story between vast storage and character at the time. The remasters released this time, have improved graphical improvements, new illustrations, and convenience improvements, and BGM sound quality improvement, aspect ratio change, and auto battle. Here, the sound Nobel ‘Radical Dramers’ became the Chrono Cross Scenario foundation. This work is a film that draws another adventure story that appears as a major figures in the game, Kid, and Length.

However, the steam user evaluation based on the 8th is ‘complex’. It is a ‘extreme frame drop’ that large in negative opinions. Recently, when a classic console game is remasted by remasting, the problem is often occurring in the optimization section. If you do not solve it as soon as possible, you can play with the play and the game can fall into a large number of games. In addition, it is a part of the domestic gamer position that does not support official Korean.

In addition to this, the Halo Master Chief Collection rose to 5th in the Xbox Game Studio Publishing discount effect, and 67% discounted Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and Black Ops 2, each seat and 10th.

On the other hand, in the top simultaneous connection rankings of the steam, the new content updated was the effect of the new content update.