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Efootball 2022: How does Konami want to tear the rudder with a new update?

EFOOTBAL 2022 was to release, anything but in good condition. In our test have hardly any points that we liked and in the end it has also made the game in one of the ten worst games of the year 2021. But now Konami is planning to get out of the way with Update 1.0 many of the problems and ruse the rudder again. The patch should be on 14. April appear.

What are the improvements in Patch 1.0 of Efootball 2022?

The Efootball version 1.0 is from the 14. April ready for download. The changes include new game elements, improved balancing and lots of bugfixes. In addition, a new mode called “Dream Team” is to be implemented, which should enable players to create their dream team and “compete against other ‘Dream Teams’ around the world.” How exactly what is supposed to look and if you are based on the Ultimate team mode of FIFA , is not known at the current time.

_ “We will continue to update our game and use the resulting feedback of our players” _, Konami says about the upcoming update via Twitter. The complete patch notes will be available on April 14th. It remains to be seen whether the title will catch again over half a year after release.

How did it come to rebranding, to Efootball?

The renaming of Pro Evolution Soccer to Efootball should symbolize a new beginning for the series. In plain text, this means that you have converted the title into a free2play game with a limited number of features and then wanted to submit further paid extensions in retrospect. But the very sparse circumference combined with the numerous technical problems the project failed.

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The verdict on Steam is still “extremely negative”. There, according to Steamcharts, the title reached a maximum of nearly 1,000 players in the last 24 hours. However, it must be said that this is only the numbers on the PC or Steam and the number of players on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices need to be expected.

Source: Konami

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