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How to have Puchi as an ally from the beginning of the adventure in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

One of the most striking aspects of Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition to be an RPG of Square Enix, as we said in our analysis, is the fact of having 45 characters that can be recruited to accompany Serge. A figure quite surprising, although far from the 108 of Suikoden.

And as you may have imagined, it is not easy for all those characters to join, with the aggravating that some nor can you get them until the next game. Although luckily with others it will not be so complicated, as long as you coupled to scrutinize the corners of the mapping or talk to the inhabitants of each area, as it happens with Puchi, the wonderful pink dog .

How to unlock Puchi in the village of Arnia

Imagine that in the recent Kirby and the land forgotten that Nintendo character swallowed to a large dog. Well, this is how Puchi would be created, more or less. An adorable dog that does not stop showing the happiness of him with each talk and that will be an ally of great help because part with many PV points .

You can see it by running around Radius, the sage of the village of Arnia, from where the adventure of Serge is part. Both Radius and Puchi are on the way to the left, according to salts of Serge’s house. But for Puchi you will need you get a bone of heclan . And luckily it is very close…

You have to go to the bar on the right. And from there to the bottom, to the next room, as shown in this other capture below, to take that object.

Once in your power, you simply have to return to Puchi and Press the Select Objects button Highlighting the Bone of Heclan so that it is thrilled and one of your group. With this, nor will it be necessary to gather the child next to the bar with a Komodo flake to give you the track about the great weakness of Puchi…

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If, for whatever you have advanced in the story and it was overlooked to do this when traveling to the other world, you have another chance for you to give you a punchi by defeating Karsh, Pimentel and Salazar, and choose that you do not get one Group Kid. But if you make Puchi one from the beginning you can also have Kid in the group, eye.