Analogue announces the return date of the Mega SG console

The Mega SG Console of Analogue has not been available for purchase during the last months, but that will soon change. The official Twitter account of the company revealed tonight that the system will be available again and ready to be sent on April 8 at 8 a.m. m. (Pacific time). In addition to Mega SG’s own, the additional system adapters and the digital analog converter will also be available for purchase. For fans of retro Games in Sega, the news should be very welcome!

The announcement of the official Twitter account of Analogue can be found embedded below. The Analogue website has not yet been updated with any of these items, but you can find the page of the company’s store right here.

For those who are not familiar with Mega SG, the console plays original sega genesis cartridges and comes with an unpublished game called ultracore installed. The adapters for the system also allow you to play games that were originally launched on the Game Gear, Master System and SG-1000 consoles. It is not clear if analogue specifically scheduled the re-launch of the MEGA SG to coincide with sonic the hedgehog 2 premiere in theaters, but the moment is quite perfect. The return of the console should be perfect for anyone who wants to visit their old Sonic cartridges again!

In addition to Mega SG, Analogue manufactured Super NT, which allows users to play original Super Nintendo games. That system has not been available for much longer than the Mega SG, and today’s announcement has already taken fans to ask when I could return. Unfortunately, details have not been revealed, but with the busy company trying to comply with the orders of the analogue pocket, it could happen some time before we listen to an ad. Analogue systems have been very well received over the years, and many consider them the perfect way to revive the oldest videogames; Fans can discover for themselves how well they work later this week!

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