The Witcher 4: CD Projekt Justifies the use of Unreal Engine 5 instead of your RenenGine4

One of the most amazing novelties of the advertisement of the next delivery of the saga The Witcher announced a little over two weeks ago wtitle low the confirmation by its creators, the Polish CD Projekt Red , what are they Developing the title low Unreal Engine 5 Instead of using your own graphic engine, the so-called redengine4 . Now, the company’s CTO, Pawel Zawodny , htitle low justifies this decision, ensuring that “we need a really stable environment”.

Witcher 4: CD Projekt Discusses Using Unreal Engine 5 - Tech Overview

Why htitle low CD Projekt resorted to Unreal Engine 5?

And it is that CD Projekt Network is closely collaborating with Epic Games to achieve an extraordinary result with the new delivery of The Witcher to Technological level : “This opens a new chapter for us in which we really want to see How our experience in the construction of open world games is combined with all the Epic engineering power, “says Zawodny.

For its part, the art director of the Polish company, Jakub Knapik , htitle low explained that the popularization of Unreal Engine 5 helps developments be much more agile : “The fact that unreal be Already used by many teams in the world, it projects many perspectives on the design of the tools and that helps the tool much more agile. “To all this, the director of the game, Jtitle lowon Salama, adds that * stability * Granting Unreal Engine 5 is key to the new open worlds that are currently raised.

“Players can go in the direction they want, they can handle the content in the order they want theoretically, and to encapsulate that means you need a really stable environment ** where you can be able to make changes with a high level Of confidence that it is not going to break in another 1,600 places later, “concludes Salama.

At the moment there is hardly any information about a new delivery of which its leaders have already ensured that it is not about the fourth numbered delivery of the saga we already know.