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Is the crossed game supported in Rocket Arena?

Rocket Arena – The next Tirk game 3 against 3 – is the last multiplayer title to try to become the next essential game. The game developed by Final Strike Games will soon be on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and, inevitably, CrossPlay queries have begun to surface.

If you want to know if the multiplatform game will be supported in Rocket Arena, you have arrived at the right place. Let’s answer your question, Rocketeer, before diving into the world to crater.

Is there a multiplatform feature in Rocket Arena?

While Rocket Arena is being launched on three different platforms, it is possible that the CrossPlay is not supported. Indeed, PC players tend to have a better time on these types of multiplayer games due to faster configurations, better reaction times and other advantageous problems compared to console owners.

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If you worry, Rocket Arena does not support the crossed game, you do not have to worry. Rocket Arena will be multiplatform on PS4, PC and Xbox One. How do we know? Well, Ea said it.

In a press release following its EA PLAY LIVE event in June, EA revealed that the crossed game would be supported in Rocket Arena. If you have a PS4 and your friends play games on Xbox One or PC, you will then be able to train a team of three people and face other teams.

This also applies to PC players who download the title via Origin or Steam. The two stores will support the multiplatform game, so it is not necessary to worry about missing in any way.

Rocket Arena launch on July 14, so we have long been waiting for this PVP game to be in our hands. In the meantime, you can find out more about playable characters or cards available at launch, as well as the game modes in which you fight, by consulting our linked guides. Go to the battlefield, Rocketeers.