Counter Side, to communicate in conjunction with the users answer to sincere

In February 20, 2020, the ‘counterpair’ released is only two stones, with a three-year-old basis, with the three years of service, and focusing on user communication as much as the development of the user.

Nexon has led to strengthening the communication time, which increases the development of the developed and users through the ‘2nd Anniversary’ showcase, 777 days commemorative broadcasting this year, In the second quarter, the first quarter will continue to develop the operation and ‘close communication’ service in the summer of the second quarter.

The side of the ‘promise’ aspect of the user is also gaining a great applause. Since the release of the 20022 in the first online showcase in the first anniversary of the first year of the beginning of the year, we have followed the development pledge from February and March, as well as the development commitment to the first half of March, and in the first half of the goal, I am receiving.

From this year, Park Sang-yeon, who has developed the development of counterside ‘, “I will do my best to provide mature services with quality content,” I will do my best to provide mature services, ” I will reward it, “he said.

** ■ ‘Frank, Laughter, Reflection, Expectation’

On March 24, the Park Sang-yeon, PD and Battabber ‘Rani’ on March 24, the ‘777th celebration special live broadcasting’ recorded a higher viewer than the 2nd anniversary showcase.

In the online community, the development of the development of the online community, the Park Sang-yeon, implemented a real version of the PD is a slightly ridiculous directing, and the middle of the unbalanced development of the development, and the intercourse of the work is gently responded to the opinions of the user, I was praised by stretching light.

The society of Burbernabi, who represents the position of gamers rather than simple progress, has also been stabbing. It was found that the game is highly understood by ‘Rani’ was a question that the users were asked first, or deliver the “Messenger” role of users, delivering the opinions on the content, and transferring themselves.

On the day of the broadcast, the official webtun writer ‘MMM’ writer Collavo Skin, and the ‘Juke Box System’, such as the development plan, and the “Juke Box System”, etc.

■ Major Content ‘New Episode’ Additional Notice!

In the second quarter, a new story, game mode, and various updates associated with new skins. Especially, it is preparing an event episode that is developed around the main stream episode 9 and the new hostile forces [Elysium Philharmonic], which is the main story content of ‘counter side’. In addition, the [Gauntlet leageable] of about four months of maintenance period is also a new form, and the new skin line of different concepts is also planned to disclose.