This is a joke: Marco Djuricin annoys about lawn in the Generali Arena

The Wiener Austria and Austria Klagenfurt parted on Sunday with 1: 1. After closing whistle, FAK striker Marco Djuricin was pretty much over the lawn in the Generali Arena.

Austria Klagenfurt pointed to a weak game freezing cold and uses the first right chance with some luck by Florian Jaritz (28.) after a short hour. Although the households dominate the game, they were rarely mandatory in the last third.

After 67 minutes then the compensation succeeded: Aleksandar Jukic brought back the ball from the second post into the center, extended Manfred Fischer and so did Marco Djuricin only needed eight meters to dust off.

The Viennese Austria was also heavy in the second round, but deserved the compensation in a tedious kick by Djuricin. In the episode, the defensive of the guests sponed something, but so real chances could no longer work out.

Djuricin, who saved the violet at least one counter, foamed after closing whistle at SKY over the lawn. “I can start my performance and that was not good. In fact, I helped the team with a gate, but today five or six balls have flown away. But I have to say that the place is a meanness. I hope we can rules the week, because that’s a joke. “

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Djuricin Next: “We want to play football and then you have such holes inside. The coach says it again and now and now I have to say something as a player, because that’s just not possible. We want to play football and you can not kick. We also have a bit prettled around the goal, but if the place is like that, then it’s extremely difficult. We did not do it well, but when every ball is Fifty-Fifty, it’s a bit difficult. “