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T1, LCK Achieve the first team v10 in history

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** \ – Spring, the sixth championship,

Ep.1 T1 Owner's Penta..? The Rise of Singed SUP! [LCK MIC CHECK] | 2022 LCK Spring Split (Eng sub)

\ – ‘Pakers’ Human Hyuk, the first 10 times the first 10 times

\ – T1, May, MSI, held in Busan

April 3, 2022, Seoul – 2022 LCK Spring in the LCK Spring Regular League, T1, who written a large list of 18th ago, has defeated Zenji in the finals and set up a consumption of 10 times.

‘League of Legend (LOL)’ e Sports, hosting the League of Legend Champions Korea (Representative “, www.lolesports.com, or less” LCK “) is located in KINTEX, T1 in the 2022 LCK Spring Finals, which is with our bank held in the first market 5 hall, said T1 was suppressed at Yuan to 3-to-1 and the highlights of the first 10 times in the LCK team history.

T1 has played the best practice in 2022 Spring regular leagues. Since the beginning of 2015, the regular league was started in a double round robin method, I was evaluated for the first time in the first time, and I was evaluated as the best team of the previous 1. T1, which is ranked off the first place in the first place, is to defeat the Guangdong Prix to 3 to 0 and climbed to the final. In the finals, I won the second-to-one, and won the winner of YENG as 3 to 1. T1, who won the twenty-two game on the first round of the regular league 18, was the first to win the winner of the LCK.

T1, who was engaged in the game, tightening the game, and the T1, who was engaged in the beginning of the game, and the ‘Zeus’ Choi Woo-jun’s Camille and ‘Owner’ Moon Hyun-jun’s Mokton, Caitlin made a quord and triple kills.

While allowing us to be 29 kils in 2 sets, the T1, which was defeated, has been in the early three sets of Jenge Top Liner ‘Doran’ Choi Hyun-joon’s Camille, and the victims of Choi Hyun-joon, who have been concentrating, and the persistent resistance of Zenge was pierced from the battle of the bar. T1, which has been having fun through the top intensive attacks in the early four sets, turned over 10 kilometers to win over 10 kilometers.

T1, which has won the win, was given $ 200 million. MVP was selected as a jungle ‘owner’ Moon Hyun Jun. Winning Team T1 T1, the winner of Tiffany was produced by Tiffany, and Bracelet was present for Moon Hyun-jun selected by MVP.

** # T1, LCK The first team ‘V10’

Through the spring champion, T1 has built up the gold tower called the two-digit winner that he could not achieve any team in the 10th year of LCK. The League of Legend teams, the League of Legend teams, the League of Legend teams, won the first winning, and achieving the Liver Sweep against the KT Roller Bulits in the 2013 in Summer in 2013. 2013-14 Winter, T1, who has won a continuous champion, has been sluggish in 2014, but it was achieved in 2015, but it was achieved three consecutive championships to Spring, Summer, and Spring in 2015. I set a record.

T1, who won the 2017 spring, was defeated for the first time in the summer in 2017. The sluggish T1, which was sluggish in 2018, has made a record of Spring, Summer, and 2020 in 2019, and made a record of the second three consecutive championship. In 2021, T1, who won 10 times against the crew in the monhematian in the summer, defended the achievement of a large top bracket.

The T1 aspiration toward the 10th championship has become a reality through a 2022 LCK Spring regular league and a playoffs that win all the playoffs.

# Franchise Star ‘Paker’, LCK player first 10 times winning

If you played 10 times in the finals during your life, you do not have a ridden aquarium that represents the league. However, the mid liner ‘Paker’ of T1 ‘ SK Telecom T1, the debut of his debut as a comet in 2013, has been working for a decade, continued to wore a team’s uniform, and we set up a standby with T1 through T1.

In the past 2021, he led to Kim Jung-gyun, who was the opponent, and the director Kim Jung-gyun, who had been a director of the opponent who was a director of the Korean team,

# T1’s next goal is “Win MSI”

T1, which is on the top of the LCK in two years since the spring of 2020, is on the Mid Season Invite in the mid season. LCK Spring is only six times a championship, and T1, which has a modifier called ‘Spring’, “This mid season Invigee is the 5th player in the Meady Season. In the last four MSI, T1 was a good performance, including 2015, 2016, 2016 and 2017, and 4th in 2019, but it was 4 years since he was not able to win.

This MSI has been aimed at T1 took the normal to open in Busan Metropolitan City, Busan, Korea. “Pakers”, representing T1, “I have been in the international convention, which was a long time ago, but this MSI is the first time to play in Korea. I did not show it in this final.

T1 Choi Sung-hoon said, “Through the Winning of the LCK Spring, he was a representative of Korea on the MSI. He said he won as much as he held in Busan,” he said.