League of Legends

LOL: Riots perfect change on the last patch and the big problem that hides

League of Legends players were somewhat angry with Riot Games due to their inaction with Tryndamere . The champion spent months dominating the game and frustrating the community without developers to take measures. A passivity that was interrupted in the past patch 12.6 with the introduction of a nerf that many considered as too shy. The company barely touched one of the most hated characters of the game. However, time has given you the reason for the settings team. Not only did they hit the point to modify, if not they made a perfect change.

The great success of the developers of League of Legends

The problem for players was that Riot simply focused on reducing the cooling reduction of his E (rotating blade) when the champion became a critical hit. An adjustment that could barely seem relevant, but that it is over to be decisive. That half an additional second waiting for your movement ability It is translated many times when Tryndamere can use the spell once less , especially if we have known how to save the distances with it. A situation that increases the chances of survival of any champion of the game.

The settings have fulfilled all the objectives of the developer. They have set aside the most casual players of the champion, reduced their victory rate to an amount much closest to 50% and achieved that the bathing are reduced. The latter method is in which they still have their way to go, although the decline is significant. However, statistics indicate that Riot Games has achieved everything that can be achieved with the equilibrium settings which usually suffers League of Legends.

A problem hidden under a carpet

Although we do not have any doubt that the change has been successful, it will also serve hide a much deeper problem . Tryndamere is one of the most hated characters by the community and professional players due to the design of him and not only to the power he held lately. Riot Games has to make continuous exceptions so that it does not break the game or be useless because of a brand design of the first years of League of Legends that did not fit with the current developer standards.

The Big Problem That League of Legends Must Fix

It does not even seem that the Tryndamere case will be able to be able to be resolved with great updates like those that will soon receive Olaf and Taliyah. Even if the champion now seems very balanced this is mostly because he has a strange combination with the most powerful base statistics of all League of Legends and overloaded skills that allow him to work moderately well. A situation that invites you to think that he needs a rework more than any other character (discounting Skarner) that does not seem meant to arrive soon. Riot’s holes for 2022 are already busy and Shyvana looks like a high priority, so, at the current rhythm, there is no time for him up to 2024 .