I understand it.

Some of the Koi Techmo games, which were being sold at Steam, will stop selling in Korea on April 11th.

Most Korean translations are targeted for classical games that have not been completed. The target is irradiated with the ‘Kokoshi and’ brand works, including a number of historical simulation games including RPG , , .

These games are provided by April 11 in Korea, and can not be purchased with local rock (Lock) after the period. However, existing buyers can receive post support such as DLC purchases and updates. The Koyi Techno said, “I apologize for a big inconvenience to you, thank you.” I would like to understand. “

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The notice includes the number of digital touches that distribute the console plates in the Koi Tech game in Korea. As a result of inquiries, the digital touch side, “In the DL version, the privilege is difficult for the Koi Tech”, “he said,” I was delivered for some old titles, “he said.

In the case of three trilogy, which was implanted to PS4 and Nintendo switch, the current console is currently serving as a problem. When the remarks of the digital digital touch, the end of the steam version of the steam version is as a sole crystal on the nose. Nevertheless, Koi Tecmo is speculated as an inquiry, which is not directly related to the DL version on Steam.

Koei Techno was established in Korea in 2000 and launched a variety of games, but with a sluggish earnings in 2010.