The police were ready to arrest Will Smith after hitting Chris Rock

Almost a week of the incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock, this event continues to give a lot of talking about. Now, a producer of the Óscar has revealed that The Los Angeles Police was ready to arrest the winner of the Best Actor Award during the night last Sunday.

According to Will Packer, producer of the Óscar, who was interviewed in Good Morning America, the Los Angeles Police was ready to arrest Will Smith during the night of the award, and everything depended on whether Chris Rock presented charges against the actor or not . This was what was mentioned about it:

“They were saying, you know, this is an aggression, it was a word they used at that time. They said: ‘We’ll go find it.’ We are prepared. We are prepared to catch it right now. He can present charges, we can arrest it. The options were exposing. And as they spoke, Chris was… he was being very disdainful with those options. He was like, ‘no, no, no, I’m fine’. And even to the point where I said: ‘Rock, let them finish’. The LAPD officers finished exposing what their options were and said: ‘Would you like us to take some measure?’ And he said no. He said no. “

As they already know, this was not the case, Rock decided not to impose a position in Smith, and The actor received his prize for the best actor, moments after hitting an event presenter . Without a doubt, the night last weekend would have been more interesting if the actor had been arrested moments before or after receiving the statuette of him.

LA cops were ready to arrest Will Smith for battery but Chris Rock stopped them, producer reveals
In related topics, it has been revealed that Will Smith was not asked to leave the Óscar ceremony after the blow of him. Similarly, someone has already turned this event into an NFT.

Editor’s note:

Each time you arise more and more information about this event. At this rate, only one actor is needed to give his own version of the slap. The only thing that is clear, is that this was a quite uncomfortable moment that we hope, do not repeat itself in the future.