Raiders of the Sea is now available on Mobile, Switch and Steam

Raiders of the North Sea in about 3 minutes
The board game The North Sea Adventurers is now adapted and worn on Nintendo Switch, PC and Mobile (iOS and Android)! This award-winning board, which takes place at the Viking age, has seduced the public and critics and is now adapted to a video game. It is a digital adaptation in all its splendor, announced by saying Wolf, his developer and his publisher, and introduces the game on various platforms from the beginning.

The video game The North Sea Adventurers will see the players assemble a team of chaloups and a crew, and make raids to gain glory and fortune, as the Vikings did it! You will face other tribes to win the approval of your chef and become a legend of the seas, you deserve a place in Valhalla. The board game has won numerous awards for its attractive look, its intelligent mechanisms and attractive game, which are all focused on PC, on mobile and on Switch. Editing, So * * commands can share the same game. Adaptation has been done in a Environment in turn, with a campaign available for a single game, IA opponents for the practice of matches and, of course, an online multiplayer mode. Its price depends on the platform and is between $ 10 and $ 20.