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Elden Ring is the inspiration for modders that recreate the game in Minecraft, Skyrim or Fallout

There is no doubt that Elden Ring will mark the history of videogames in the coming years. The unique concept of him, a dark-open Dark Souls, has already conquered players from all over the world. Less than a month after its launch, it has become the best-selling game of fromSoftware, a study led by Hidekata Miyazaki who has already made history.

The intermediate lands are full of mysteries and treasures. A world that players liked so much that they wanted to export it beyond the game. Between Minecraft, Skyrim or Fallout: New Vegas , all now have a mod that allows players to really leave the fabulous world of Elden Ring.

Fallout New Vegas

One of the particularities of Elden Ring is the fact of being able to leave messages to random players, in order to guide them… or trolling them. This message system can be very useful but especially hilarious since it is usually used for qualified non-dishonest purposes.

But what does it have to do with FallOut: New Vegas? A modder called Tomminfinite I wanted to find this system in your favorite game. Therefore, he created the mod “building bridges” in NexusMods, which allows players to leave up to 20 messages in the fourth installment of Fallout’s license, in the form of small delicately placed papers placed on the ground.

Elden Ring but ruined by mods

In this mod, the more players like your publications, the more you will rise to level , which will allow you to leave new as you grow your popularity. At level 12, you can write up to 31 messages, which contain even more characters.


Elden Ring and Skyrim are quite similar, but very different. In its universes with medieval and magical airs, they converge, however, and as it was to assume, there are already several mods to find some intermediate lands in Skyrim.

According to some theories of fans , the two games are even intertwined. In one of the trailers of the FromSoftware game, an NPC says the following phrase in English: _ “Oh. You have crossed the sea of fog, all the way to the middlelands” _. Outside, the areas called “Sea of Fogs” and “Riftlands” are two places existing in the fifth delivery of the license of The Elder Scrolls.

However, the two companies (Bethesda and fromSoftware) rarely work together, obviously it is unlikely that the two productions are linked.

At the moment, the modifications related to Elden Ring are few in Skyrim, the best known related to specific elements. With one of them, available in NexusMods, it is possible to go in search of the famous Ring of Elden Ring in Skyrim. Another will allow you to get “El helmet of Elden Ring”. Surely many more will come, because we do not doubt the talent of the community of The Elder Scrolls!


Minecraft is a game that drives creativity so we probably find the greatest talents here. On the one hand, those who render visual tribute to Elden Ring, as @ 3Exu , which recently recreated the first area of the game, and on the other, those who want even more and decide to reproduce (as can) the gameplay of The production of fromSoftware.

YouTuber Asianhalfsquat reproduced with enough fidelity the movements of the characters, the techniques of combat and even came to add the life bar of the opponents. It is also possible to find in this Minecraft mod, called “Shattered Ring”, weapons available at Elden Ring as double katana or spear.

New creatures of the underworld have also been added to the Mojang game. Therefore, you can face heads, each more impressive than the previous one, in strengths in ruins or in the depths of the underworld.

So here there are some examples of how, in just a few weeks, Elden Ring has had a colossal impact on the world of video games and in its players who have decided to represent it in other games. These are not all the modifications of Elden Ring present in several games. There are many more you can discover for yourself.

One thing is safe, Players will never stop surprising us , and many more modifications will be created once the Sinluz have arrived in the underworld!