8 ball pool

Xbox whirlpool: If I had a bubble bath, then definitely this

Actually, I had not thought about what it would be like to own a whirlpool. The idea alone would be too bizarre, and with my bathtub I am actually completely satisfied.

But that has changed. with a single picture.

Because when I recently rummaged through the Gaming Reddit, I stumbled over a picture of the user or artist kidd_gorgeous_art. And in this picture he shares his vision of an Xbox whirlpool. No idea how to devil the hell on it, but he has just created such an Xbox pool. And this is the result:

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A dream in black and green

And I have to say, I’m really hint and away. Once of course, because the whole thing looks realistic, as if the artist would actually have this pool at home. And on the other hand because of the many details. I mean, the thing just looks like the first Xbox. And the X, in which one sits ultimately, is reminiscent of the first prototypes of the Microsoft console.

Tobias Veltin
@ Frischer Veltin

Tobi likes the Xbox consoles. And Tobi Mag Halo. Wonders tell you that he finds the idea of an Xbox whirlpool with Halo-deco?

Not to mention the chic halo-devoutials next to the actual pool. In the background, a giant master chief head emphasizes. And the energy seed value invites you that you might be smeared by the Blubberbad comfortably a snap.

You notice my thoughts since this discovery of carousel and for me is certain: If I once to be able to make a bubble bath after my wishes, then kidd_gorgeous_art would be the first one I would contact.

What do you think of the Xbox pool. Are you so excited like Tobi?