Dota 2

The Primal Beast of Dota 2 is exactly what the MOBA needed

With the publication of the Primal Beast Update by Dota 2, the Moba experienced a significant shock. There were new items, buffs and nerfs for heroes and of course the introduction of the new Stompy Strength Boy Primal Beast. Like every Dota update, it has fascinated me enough to download it and start the game as I did thousands of hours earlier. But this time I found something unexpected – Primal Beast is the hero I’ve been waiting for almost a decade.

When I came into play after the update for the first time, I managed to involve Primal Beast after a long matchmaking queue. When we left the fountain and I could estimate his mammoth advice, the other heroes and jungle crawers appeared in comparison to tiny. Yes, I was ready to equip him like a tank and storm me to victory.

When the team stopped fighting in the Lane and began to roam the card, Primally Beast was in his element. When the enemy team gathered on the middle lane and crowded onto the tower, I waited in the trees and felt like Godzilla, who waits for it. When they came closer, I invited Primal Beasts Onslaught’s ability to storm forward and shattered everything in his way and stunned.

I flew out of the trees and directly into the opposing team to initiate the mother of all team vapors in the river. I quickly pressed the key for trail, went through her team and pounded an AOE attack on the floor. An ax thought it was appropriate to mock myself and to keep Primal Beast in place, but it only meant a catastrophe for him, because as his mocking was replaced, I used the ultimate ability of Primal Beast: the aptimated powderization. This is by far the best ability of the hero, and it brought him to pick up Ax like a toy and repeatedly to smash on the ground, which led to his teammates near stunned. This type of raw brutality in a character is exactly what Dota needed.

The matchmaking as a solo player in Dota 2 can often discriminate if you connect a team with bad communication – Primal Beast is one of these rare starchards that can actually do something without leaving to highly coordinated team struggles with them teammates. With Ax you can mock enemies, but you are locked up and need the team with you. With Sven you can stun, but as soon as the enemy notes that they are alone, it is bye. Primal Beast feels like a game chant; As if they could catch the slack of their non-reactive teammates and come in like a tear-off bulb. His initiation skills are so powerful that they can not ignore it if he races through trees and terrain to hunt this lion player, which simply does not stop transforming their supports into frogs.

It’s just as dizzying fun to play him. If you have bored to play muddy heroes, or you are full of being cautious in the lanning phase, Primal Beast is there so you can trample over the creeps and hay these annoying cowards with its 40-feet. He lets you hit a tower so hard with his gigantic hands, that it’s like you’re about Lego. He makes it possible for you to have fun again at Dota.

АГАНИМ на Primal Beast. А зачем? ???? Primal Beast Дота 2
This is crucial in a game like Dota 2, which has been on the market for almost a decade. The series itself has a longer heritage, which was originally developed 20 years ago as mod for Warcraft III. When playing like this, Meta’s quickly form, and when finally new heroes are released, the community quickly sets its builds to a minimum and you will become another character to play.

Primal Beast has the feeling that he changes this by bothering the gameplay itself. His mere presence is changing the pace of the mid-game dip, which occurs when each team has destroyed the Animal 1 towers of the other, but they are still too weak to roam the enemy jungle and gush. This whole section is accelerated with Primal Beast, and suddenly he clears the lanes with his AOE pounding or grabs enemy heroes caught in compromising positions.

Do not get me wrong, he is slow and cumbersome and he is not the best ganker, but as soon as he is in the fight, he can be the pillar of the team.
Build him with objects like Heart of Tarrasque to a tank, and the extra strength increases both his health and it more damage.
Of course he is not unstoppable, and his slow speed is a weakness, but for players who like to play kraftherders and tanks – especially at matchmaking – is Primal Beast of the hero we’ve been waiting for;
The hero, which is robust enough to survive the ability to lead a team fight as a tank, and fun to play him.