Diablo 3

Diablo Emo, the first half of the release,

Diabloimonto, which is ahead of formal launch in the first half, will enter a pre-reservation through the Apple App Store from 29th. In addition, the Diablo Emo Development team has also released two function introduction plans, such as ‘decorating items’ and ‘change’, which expand the player’s choice.

The iOS advance reservation is conducted through the App Store Market Pre-Reservation page *. This is the first time for iOS users, Diablo Emotatoes have been supported by Diablo Emortal Official Website, Google Play and One Store.

The special pre-reservation compensation was also released with the start of the iOS pre reservation. The Diablo Emo Development team will pay free of charge and definition of the ‘Horadrim Cosmetic Set’, which is borne in light and definition when it achieves more than 30 million pre-reservations through App Store and Google Play. The ancient conjunction with the magical and magical, the ancient conjunction with the magical scholar and the magical, and the Horad Rim is a theme, and the set of horrid rim decoration is transformed according to the battle capability of the wearer, and produces a unique figure for each job.

More information on iOS pre reservation and special pre-reservation compensation methods can be found on related blogs.

Meanwhile, the development team predicted the two ways to change the character, followed by a massive update in eight games such as the publicized attack, the game, and the struggle of the struggle.

First, the ‘decorating item’, which gives a visual effect on the character appearance, such as clothes and equipment, is applied at the time of launch. Decorating items are divided into a job, but they do not affect the ability. The development team aims to present a new decorative set of professions that meet the battlefath theme every month. Here is a game that can be obtained free of charge, and it is also preparing for decorating items.

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There is also a plan for ‘change change’. The vocational change focuses on the burden of the development of subcarms (subcane) and is focusing on expanding the player’s option. Future players can change the job and appearance of the existing character. Changing the job is to maintain the progress of the conqueror level, and the item that matches the job is equipped, and it is possible to move the item and the jewel to the item that are mounted. The bowl of hordrims and hell-shaped progression is also maintained. This function will be added through the patch update after the game launches.