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Zelda Breath of the Wild: Player invests ten hours for a bad pun

A player spends 10 hours to knock four NPCs from Breath of the Wild by the area to bring together the “ Beedles ” at the end. Apart from the bizarre presentation of a Paul McCartney-Zelda-Crossovers Thanks to this pun, this is the dealer character from Breath of the Wild.

word games and mushroom heads

In the world of the game, four NPCs are scattered, which normally never interact with each other. The user “ Thornyfox ” decided thus to bring together the four fungal heads for a photo. On the question of how long this company has taken, Thornyfox replied: “_I used ten hours. I had plenty of time to think about my life decisions.” As proof of this massive time investment, the Reddit User linked a YouTube video in which he shows his “work process” in a multiplier speed.

Of course, this unique opportunity was used to make a lot of nonsense. For example, the user in the Youtube video in the middle of the group arises, this suggests in a certain order with a weapon and creates such a “piece of music” consisting of painful sounds. In the video, this will be described as a “ritual” to launch a fifth beadle. This dives, big surprise, of course not.

Do the NPCs always stay together?

But the fun with the trading NPCs has technical limits. As soon as the player or the player finishes the game or leaves the area with the figures, the NPC positions are resetted, and even if you sleep on the campfire. Since our band-Maestro has also done this to change the weather, the band sample did not last too long. This should not change it that it is one of the most ulcious and entertaining scenarios, which were previously seen in Breath of the Wild.

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Great and, above all, open video games rain are not a few to explore the limits of technically and temporally possible. And if there is an entertaining video, then you should also pass the ten hours of “lost” lifetime. More about the continuation of the Breath of the Wild or other bizarre scenes in the first part can of course be found on our website.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

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