Halo Infinite: 343 Industries finally wants to release Season 2 on players

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Halo Infinite players are thirsting for new content and 343 Indistries works with high pressure to finalize the Season 2 for the ego shooter and thus finish the thirst trail.

In a new interview with Washington Post, Tom French, Head of the Multiplayer area reported 343 Industries, a few more details about the upcoming content of Halo Infinite Season 2:

“There will be new cards, new modes, new experiences, new features. I’m very excited about what the players keep from it when we actually released them to them “.

In addition, Tom announced that it will continue to work on updates and improvements from Halo Infinite to erode with each patch the biggest mistakes in the game.

“It’s about improving our platform to strengthen the foundation, and that includes things like ranking mode… we know that we can do it better. We wanted to do it better. We dreamed of making it better. Let us bring us in this direction. And since the PC is a new thing for us, there are some problems we need to tackle. “