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Action RPG for smartphone RPG “Sacred Legend Echoes of Mana” Echoz of Mana Chara Introduction Video Publishing Commemorative Follow & RT Campaign 7th Announcement

Square Enix Co., Ltd. is a “Sacred Sword Legend” Series Smartphone’s Action RPGSacred Sword Legend Echo Spo’s Ob Mana” by WFS Development Co., Ltd. Action RPG. In addition, we announced the seventh luxurious voice actor signature papers to play the character voice.

Echoes of Mana | Announcement Trailer

Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Head office: President of the President of Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo: Matsuda Head office: Head office: Head office: Deputy Director of Minato-ku, Tokyo: Holy Swords Legendary “series of smartphones Action RPG” Sacred Swords Legend Echo’s Ob Mana “, character introduction videos are published on Twitter.

In addition, we will inform you that we will hold the seventh outbreak of the luxurious voice actor’s signature peppen to play the character voice according to the public.

AppStore Pre-registration is here https://sqex.to/fepbh GooglePlay Pre-registration here https://sqex.to/JQCT4

# “Holy Swords Legend Echo’s Ob Mana” Character Introduction Video Publishing Commemoration / Following & RT Campaign 7th

“Holy Sword Legend Echo’s Ob Mana” Cast Voice Actor Sign Colored Paper Present Campaign As the 7th of the Campaign, Shiro Role “Shimazu Nobunaga”, Saefina Role “Saori Saori”, Sierra Role “Anno Saori”, Nikita Role “Takagi Rolling” Sign colored paper or “Amazon gift certificate 5,000 yen” will carry out Twitter follower and retweet campaigns that hit by lottery.
※ Please check the campaign tweet for details.

▼ Application Period
March 28, 2012 (Mon) to April 3, 2022 (Sun) 23:59

▼ Character Introduction Video Publishing Commemoration / Following & RT Campaign URL:

In addition to this campaign, please follow the official Twitter of the “Sacred Sword Legend Echoz of Mana” where you can check the information and character introduction videos of the latest “Seiken Legend Echo’s Ob Mana”.

“Sacred Sword Legend Echo’s Ob Mana” Official Twitter

# “Sacred Sword Legend Echo’s Ob Mana”

This work is an action RPG for smartphones in the “Sacred Legend” series. You can enjoy new stories beyond the frame of works, weave the character of the original character and the original character and the successive “Holy Swords Legend” series. In addition, you can easily play “2D action” that can be said to be synonyms of series, and multi-play with up to 3 people.

# “Holy Swords Legend Echoz of Mana” title information

# # Title Overview

Title: Holy Sword Legend Echoes of Mana (Echo’s Ob Mana) Genre: Action RPG Compatible Model: IOS / Android Price: Item Private Type (Basic Play Free) HOTEL SUFHE China-Deal: English / English / English / German / French / Traditional / Korea Word delivery time: 2022 World Simultaneous Delivery Planning and Production: Square Enix Planning and Development: WFS “Holy Sword Legend Echo’s Ob Mana” Title Information Official Site: https://www.square-enix.com / seiken_EOM / Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/seiken_EOM AppStore Pre-registration: https: //sqex.to/fepbh GooglePlay Pre-registration: https: //sqex.to/JQCT4

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