The stock problems of PS5 are worse than expected, according to an analysis firm

Practically from its first day in stores the new consoles have suffered stock problems, a cXbox Gamee that we studied at the time, and especially serious is the cXbox Gamee of ps5 , being really difficult to get one in our country. The lack of materials and hardware pieces have been aggravating this issue, which according to the DFC Intelligence analysis firm, it is more serious than expected at first.


Since Sony have even had to reduce your sales expectations due to these stock problems, since the situation hXbox Game no visos to improve. In fact, if Sony hXbox Game the biggest problem is because of a huge margin between demand, very high at this generation heights, and the ability to satisfy it .

A problem without solution of solution

According to DFC, this situation will help Microsoft win more market share not only thanks to the popular Xbox Game PXbox Games, but also to a greater eXbox Gamee to satisfy users in search of a new console, especially because of the Availability of the Xbox Series S. model “We had already anticipated the PS5 units are limited, but now we believe it is even worse” they have said since the company. In fact, in a recent survey elaborated by these market analysts, it became clear that PS5 remains the most desired console by players by a significant difference, but that while Microsoft continues to build an important catalog, this difference can tend to be reduced in a way important.

We continue with data, and it is that in DFC they foresee that about 2026, Microsoft is able to increXbox Gamee its market share Xbox Game to 20% consoles , which would mean a reduction in Sony fee From 43 to 39%, while Nintendo wXbox Game to be 34, for the current 37%. Even though, it is expected that the global market will continue to grow, but less than 8% expected, reducing these 4% expectations.