[GDC2022] How did Knight City in Cyber Punk 2077

I do that if I play games. How is this great city of this huge open world? Obviously, the road over a short time is also present, and during the game, the day and night are flowing, and in some time, the rain will come and mistake.

CD Project Red’s Lead Environment Artist Kacper Niepokólczycki, who made Night City of Cyber ​​Punk 2077 Kacper Niepokólczycki, said the basis is a question. What constantly asked about how to make what to make, it always comes to the answer. Through GDC 2022, we were able to listen to the birth process of this huge cyberpunk world in the Giant Cyber ​​Punk world.

Many people have the idea that they want to make the game fun. And this idea further further and develops the industry. It is more difficult to try, and proceed with more difficult things and jumped on it.

Cyberpunk 2077 — Official E3 2018 Trailer

We were the same. It was really a pounding to make this huge cyber punk world. But the studio was a very excellent Quality Cyber ​​Punk world view, and for this purpose, Night City had to make a big open-world world that has never seen anyone in the game.

There was a goal to challenge a few in the process, and I was so a big project, so this was not easy. Although the huge open world, Cyber ​​Punk was a FPS game differently from the TPS. Because of this, it had to completely build up all the technical aspects from the beginning.

For this purpose, it was the first question. What you want to build, what you want to build, and what you want to make, and what you want to make, everyone will be crazy and happy. And the questions that are prioritized by all of them were ‘What do we want to do?’

This is a cyber puncture 2020 that was caught by the base. Cyber ​​Punk 2077 is covering the following 57 years in the work. We have made a lot of effort to instead with the time difference of this 57 years. Through Cyber ​​Punk 2020, you could get inspiration for how to produce Night City, a zone and an atmosphere.

So how to express how Cyber ​​Punk 2077 could be unique and began to be born with a unique IP. If many people have a cyber punk, there was a need for a unique to save him because there is an image that reminded me. Our games were open world, day and night cycles.

I thought that it would be fun when I poured into a rain in the night, and I bought an idea in a variety of work to apply it to the actual California’s image. If there is a clear day, there is a rainy day, and there is a misty day. There was a project started there.

Since then, we conducted a collaboration with the concept art team. Through a huge art that grabbed the city, the light falls, how to fall, the color of the city, the color and the structure to take the color and the structure to take a full mood. This process was really great.

It seems to be necessary to explain the process of catching the appearance of Night City. It is a part of how Night City will look. When I was compressed, I was trying to think about how to go into that city and want to go into that city.

The following was the contrast. The cyber punk we wanted to express was that it was not completely different from the real world. It is not easy to make something based on the current city. But we strive to envision such structures that may or may not exist in strange, cool, but they could exist.

For example, you are making a person who may feel like an ordinary neighbor, and add a new object to his elbows and faces, making it somewhere in the situation. Through this, it can be aware that this is not the world we live. It is similar, but it is a whole different world. This way, the process of making something familiar with reality, the process of making the process, the process of making a new and new.

It was also very important to put a unique color for each area. We designed a unique color suitable for each area, which allowed players to ensure that they are certainly in which areas in the colors. And actually it works pretty well.

After the question about what to do, after the end, I asked the question about the “How to”.

The first thing was to build a new environmental system. In this process, I was worried about whether they could create a space with concept artists and special level designers. How high should you make a high building, how long should you have to install, how much people should enter. After the process of planning, the actual model was confirmed through the program. Of course, it is much simpler.

The following was a city plan. We wanted to make such a real city like 1. In the process, the artists have been as much as possible from the fabulous art that the artists are drawn. However, in the actual city, we have to plan and concern many parts such as highway or street. If it is art, it would be very nice, but it has been a lot of discussion process to move in a good direction because it is not possible.

You should not be afraid to change. One-footed and changing process is the process needed to make the game a better.

After creating the basic skeleton of the city, the process of making it appropriately. The final goal was to make each zone unique. But all of them had to have different features.

It was a style that was important here. Style is melted by everything, such as costumes, vehicles, and environments. For example, in the case of a keych value, it should be functional. I can go to work right now, but I feel like somewhat cool. These styles are comprehensively applied to the actual game to give a completely different feeling in every way. In the case of Kabuki, the main styles are entropism. It accounts for nearly 60%. Kitchi is also applied by 35%.

In the process, it is a Google map that is used to get inspiration to see the appearance of actual Tokyo or Hong Kong. This was a great help, because it was able to identify the structure of Hong Kong and Tokyo, the appearance of the street, and the like.

Next, I made a landmark. This is because the player should be able to know where they are right without the help of the UI. In addition, we have also tried to deploy different impression buildings within the area so that only the structure can be confirmed.

Likewise, I tried to place a point that I could feel interest. How can I make it more often to come to this place, I worried about this. For this purpose, we used various methods such as placing high-rise buildings around them. In addition, the layer was stacked on the layer to give perpendicularity to the city. This was also used to naturally explain the storytures of Night City like those who live on the high-rise rich and poor.

After that, all the teams hanged. Which quests and some of the quests should be placed, and some objects have been in harmony where they are in harmony, and how to make it, all the people of the company discussed together.

The tool used four types, and is not greatly special. Recently, the most basic tools are used. But I wanted to make a unique and beautiful city that could not be seen in other games. To do this, we have gathered many references and have applied it to some way they would apply to the game. It is important to creativity and passion than tools. If this is nothing, you can not do anything. All teams, and each team members have been developing with passion.

But the most important thing in making the game is also the question “Why”. If you throw a lot of “why” as a lot of questions, you can easily solve the greater idea and more.