Toto Cup: 1860 and Würzburg fail in fourth divisions

The fourth of the Regionalliga Bavaria, the FV Illertissen, received the third division Würzburger games on Saturday afternoon to the first semi-final of the Bavarian Country Cup. The releged threatened Würzburg began printed and also had the first opportunity of the game, which Illertissens Korwart Thiel could only ward off with a strong reflex (3.). Ten minutes later, the regional designer then turned the game to the game: After a corner, Keckeis first hit the post by head only the post, but the ball jumped directly to him, so it could easily node to 1-0 (13.).

Würzburg needed a while to recover from the early shock, then could beat back. After a long ball, Breunig was standing alone in front of Thiel and pushed one to the 1: 1 (22nd). Shortly before the break, Illertissen then but again: At a counterattack Teranuma fit across Strobel, whose shot was not to keep from the criminal area for judges (39.). So it went with a 2: 1 lead in the break.

Viktoria Berlin vs. TSV 1860 München | Full Game | 3rd Division 2021/22 | Matchday 30
At the beginning of the second half, both teams came to opportunities: Krautik and Zelle missed the opposing goal only scarce. In the 74th minute then Kljajic set the game for Illertissen the crown. After a stiff slat hit, he could accommodate the grocery in the empty gate. In the end, the regional designer thus won 3-1 and is now in the final of the Toto Cup.

Wenzel helps Aubstadt into the final

At the same time, the other final participants were searched in the Unterfränkische Aubstadt. The table sieves of the Regionalliga Bavaria received the TSV 1860 Munich. After a balanced first half with scorchancies for both teams, the regional league set the first blow in the second half: After a corner, Hüttel came to the header and left Kretzschmar in the Munich Tor no defensive chance (67th).

The Munich did not need a long time to restore the draw: seven minutes after the 0: 1 disabled an Aubstädter defender the own goalkeeper at a high ball in the penalty area, so that the best scorer of the lions, Marcel Bär, had to thank and thank you and Shipped into the abandoned gate (74.).

Until the end of the game, no team was able to reveal the game crucial, so that a penalty shootout had to produce the winner. And in this penalty shootout, the hour of the Aubstadt goalkeeper Lukas Wenzel struck: Erik Tallig’s penalty scratched the 23-year-old from the corner, as well as the Löwen Captain Stefan Lex. When he could still hold the weakly shot penalty of the Munich scorer Bear, the sensation was perfect and the subfronts were 3000 eyewitnesses in the final.

The final of the Toto Cup between Aubstadt and FV Illertissen rises on 21 May, the “Day of Amateurs”. The home right between the two counterparties is still drawn.