Diablo 2, 11 years Balance patch confirmed on April 15

April 15, 2.4 updates, including the balance patch of Diablo 2, will proceed. On the 29th after two weeks, we plan to start the new ladder season.

On the 25th, Blizzard announced the date of the Formula 2.4 update and the date of the ladder season. In addition, I revealed the reason for the update delayed, and the ladder start date is also said that it may look forward to a “wonderful community event”.

Official Patch 2.4 Ladder Launch Date !!! Diablo 2 Resurrected News

According to Blizzard side, 2.4 update delayed reasons were game database problems. Services Updated Errors that occurred during the ongoing effects can affect the user, so they have to extend the maintenance period during rolling back. In addition, the ladder season opened to have a smooth new ladder season after solving the problem that can occur after the update, and the ladder season opened the gap for two weeks. This is because Blizzard is expected to prepare more thoroughly as it is the first ladder season of the Leisure.

In this 2.4 update, we change the upper diablocks, balance adjustments, regulations, level regions and monster densities, and convenience improvements, and bug fixes.

Details of the update can be found on the official website.