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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: Exclusive interview with developers

Suitable to the release we had the opportunity to lead a written interview with the creators of Stranger of Paradise. More specifically with Producer Jin Fujiwara, Director Daisuke Inoue and head of Team Ninja Fumihiko Yasuda.

We ask what has changed since the demos and looked like the vision of the team. Info, where the technical difficulties within the demos came, unfortunately we have not received, but in our test to Stranger of Paradise, however, we explicitly point to performance problems of the PlayStation 4. The PC version also seems to have problems, which is why the fun is currently reserved for Next-Gen console players. Without further prelude here the interview:

PC Games: What did you take from the feedback of the demos and improved at the game?

There are also a lot of smaller elements that have been changed so that it would be difficult to list them here all. Perhaps the improvements we made at the Ki of allied characters are something that people can easily pick up.
In the second trial, allied NSCs simply rushed straight on the enemies, so they were not very helpful. But now we have made sure that if necessary, you react with defensive and evasive actions on the attacks of the opponent, which makes them better in combat.

Team Ninja has found a good compromise, which makes it not only around, while the allied NSCs do the whole work.

PC Games: is Stranger of Paradise rather a remake or a spin-off? Which story tells the game?

Fujiwara: Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (Buy Now) describes the process, through the Garland, which appears in Final Fantasy I, becomes a villain. Stranger of Paradise is positioned as a spin-off game within this universe, which picks up a new genre for the series.

PC Games: Is the game rather on “Nioh” player or “Final Fantasy” fans?

Square Enix has given the framework for the world and history, and we have also implemented various professions and skills from Final Fantasy in our own way, and we hope that the fans will pick up and enjoy!

game: Why did you choose the job system?

INOUUE: Personally, I am a fan of the job system of FFV, and in part we had the feeling that we just had to install a job system in Stranger of Paradise. I think the job system has many advantages – there is a reason for the players to try out the different weapon types they find as a prey to expand their fighting style.

The desire to lay different jobs helps to maintain motivation for the fight; And it creates different roles for players in multiplayer. There are many occupations in Stranger of Paradise, everyone with their own unique features, and we have balanced the game so that it can be completed with every profession.

Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - Interview w/ Producers & Director!

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