GTA 5: The map and main places of San Andreas at a glance

Even after nine years and numerous releases that are perceived only by Skyrim, GTA 5 still has one of the most fascinating and liveliest Open Worlds. For here, not only the bubbling city life of the metropolis of Los Santos and its most different neighborhoods is simulated, but equal to the entire state of San Andreas. Therefore, you can also pie in the mountains, deserts and smaller places in front of the city of Chaos.

With so much area the overview is likely to be lost. Therefore, we are happy to help you with some tickets on the jumps.

A metropolis, two cities

The three main places you know in GTA 5 are the three cities of the game. First of all, there would be Los Santos of course. In the big city, Franklin and Michael live, albeit in very opposing neighborhoods. While Mike is in the Rockford Hills a beautiful life between tennis courts and swimming pools, Franklin must make clear in the poorer area between Davis and the Chamberlain Hills .

But there are still a lot of other neighborhoods to discover. For example, visit the Hollywood inspired Vinewood , including great lettering on the mountain. Or tries to claw a plane on Los Santos International Airport . If you want to tackle it quiet, then the promenade of the Vespucci Beach a little dangle the soul or distracts from the hard gangster in the amusement park del Perro .

Trevor abstracts life a bit away from civilization. He lives in the sleepy nest Sandy Shores, in which there are more sand dunes than inhabitants. Directly in the neighborhood of the Grand Senora Desert and the Alamo Sea people who are more likely to approach in normal society.

In the north of San Andreas, however, you will find the small town Paleto Bay . It looks more civilized than in Sandy Shores, but the raging life is not expected to her. For this, however, the place will be in the later game scene of one of the great raid missions within history.

Exciting places

On the following card we have smashed some places where you can have a lot of fun.

  1. Altruist Cult: In this small village, a crazy cult of cannibals has settled. In a secondary mission you can deliver with Trevor on Hitchhiker. But if the residents try to try Trevor, you will not be able to flee without a fight. Good that you find rocket launcher, machine guns and about $ 100,000 cash.
  2. Mount Chilliad: Actually, it is duty to jump in every video game, once from the highest point of the world. So grab a parachute and enjoy the flight from the mountain. Or dares a rapid downhill ride with the mountain bike.
  3. Fort Zancudo: You need a heavy device like tanks or helicopter? Here you will find it, even if you have a four star search level on the cheek.
  4. The prison: You can not do much here, but take a fun with orange-colored clothes.
  5. The racetrack: If your latest car wants to be really astest, then you should stop by here.
  6. National Office of Security Enforcement: Here you also get heavy military device, but have not directly half the police of San Andreas on the chopping.
  7. The Amusement Park: Do we have to mention why you should go to a leisure park?
  8. The airport: Here you can always take a plane if you want to quickly over the map. Or you use this place to make carbon right on the stock market, as we betray you in another guide:

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Even more help with GTA 5

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Do you still have to look at cards after all the time, or do you know the places in GTA 5 meanwhile memorize?