All leaked Apex Legends characters – March 2022

Apex Legends fans recently saw a serious leakage in the top-cooled Reddit group, and she showed how the future of this royal battle will look like. This last leakage nine new legends , new weapons, cards, relics and several other items that will be added to Apex Legends in the upcoming seasons. The following list contains all the abilities from the legends legends:


Describes as APEX Weapon Merchant and is classified in Support service Class, this legend may carry third weapons through the inventory. Its tactic is called suppressor turret , which uses active weapons to create an improvised turret. The caliber is called autoloader, and it deploats the box with ammunition, which replenishes the ammunition directly to the players nearby.

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Describes as Creative Builder and is classified in Protection Class, with passive ability to increase HP on peaceful buildings. Its tactic is called Ferro shot , which creates a ramp of hardened ferrinity. Similarly, the limit is called the railway tower and it creates a column of ferredness under the legend.


Described as decisive Schilder and is classified in Protection Class, the passive ability of this legend recharges the shield. Tactical ability is called Arc flash, and he treats the papers of teammates through your own. The final is called alternating current which creates an arc cassette bomb that damages the enemy shields, at the same time raging the shield of the conductor.

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It is described as Sly Catcher , the passive skill of this legend is called ReWire, and it can turn any grenade into a non-contact mine. Its tactical ability is known as spectrum Drop , which frees the three ghosts on guard. The final is known as cloak field , and it creates a short field that hides the players inside. Cloak disappears six seconds after leaving the area.


Described as Mobile Defender and is classified in Protection Class, a jester is a fortified legend. Its Tactical is called Mobile Shield, and it allows players to throw a drone drone, which creates a moving energy shield. Ultimate is called Castle Wall, which creates a reinforced shield in a single direction.


Described as Ghost Stalker and is classified in Intelligence grade. Scraire’s tactical ability is called Optic Houn and it creates a trap for parasites, which reveals the sight of the target. Similarly, the limit is called Shadow Wall which creates the wall of darkness, blocking the enemy review line.


Describes as Agile Assassin and refers to category Support service Sort. Its tactical ability is called Blow Curve , which allows players for a long time to cling to the wall. Its Ultimate is called Empty Pomegranate, and sends goals into emptiness for a short time.


Described as survival sniper sniper and classified in Intelligence Sort. Vantage Tactical is called Echo Run sends DrON to exploration enemies. His highest ability Mark to kill, and it brings a non-standard rifle that scans the enemy and increases damage for comrades by the detachment. Damage applied vantage doubles during successful hit.

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Described as survived from the satellite and is classified in Protection Sort. Its tactical ability is called Satellite shield , and he produces a satellite that follows the allies to restore their shields and reborn if necessary. Ultimate is called Lighthouse Remmetic Light And he deploys a satellite lighthouse that does not allow allies to be shot down from the legs.

Community experts and fans call it the biggest leakage in Apex Legends. Nine new legends shown in the leaked video, absolutely different from all that we have seen so far. Their tactical and ultimatic abilities were demonstrated in the video, and the fans also learned a little about their past. Players can expect developers to change some abilities before these legends are released.

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