Alidou changes from HSV to Eintracht Frankfurt

At Hamburger SV, this question is still unanswered, but Faride Alidou definitely plays in the new season in the Bundesliga. The 20-year-old wing sprayer changes to Eintracht Frankfurt in the summer. This confirmed both clubs on Wednesday.

Even before the turn of the year, the Hessen had to go to the pole position around the ShootingStar, who did not want to extend his contract at the HSV after ten years in the club and therefore had awakened the interest of numerous Bundesliga. At the SGE he receives a contract until 2026.

“We are very happy that Faride Alidou has a consciously decided on a distinguished German junior national player to go to his next steps in professional football with Eintracht Frankfurt,” says Eintracht-Sports Management Markus Kröse. “With Faride we gain a game type that can bring its strengths to both outer railways and even behind the tip.”

The Eintracht-Offensive is said to be “more variable and unpredictable” with Alidou, hopes to croses. “Faride has proven the professionals since his step to the professionals in a higher league quickly. Nonetheless, he will receive the necessary time to acclimatize in the Bundesliga.”

It is the next step of a remarkable rise. Only in October the native Hamburger celebrated his professional debut. So far, he comes to 16 second division games in which he achieved two goals and prepared seven directly.

Currently, Alidou, who has so far raised twice for the German U 20, for the first time at the U-21 selection.