Gheorghe Hagi Exclusive: mb cape is like a reincarnation of Pele

For football legend Gheorghe Hagi, Lionel Messi is still the best player in the world. But especially from PSG-Star Kylian Mbappe, which he holds for a “reincarnation of Pele”, was swarmed against Gheorghe Hagi and Goal.

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For Gheorghe Hagi, the answer is quite clear. When asked who is currently the best player in the world, the former World Class player answered Gheorghe Hagi and Goal : “Lionel Messi!” The Argentinians in Services of Paris Saint-Germain had nothing lost in his class: “There are many high-profile players in the world, but Lionel Messi is and still remains the best footballer in the world.”

However, the 57-year-old Romanian has also expressed a great admiration for Messis teammates in Paris, Kylian Mbappe, “A great player. He plays on the nine, on the ten, on the eleven, on the seven. Everywhere! And on every position Is he outstanding. MB cape is like a reincarnation of Pele. “

Hagi, who was played in his career for clubs like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Galatasaray and once celebrated as a “Carpathian Maradona”, was the past Thursday together with Landsmann Gheorghe Popescu visiting the Europa League game between his ex-clubs Galatasaray and Barcelona in the Nef Stadium of Istanbul.

The Romanian saw the guest at the invitation of Galatasaray board member Earth Timur in Istanbul, as Barcelonas Pedri once again played great.

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Hagi enthuses from Pedri: “Increases the quality at Barcelona”

The Spanish international did not just score a goal at the 2-1 victory, but also made a great game. Hagi realized: “His ball security, his technique: he is a brilliant player who increases the quality at Barcelona.”

Hagi also has his ex-Club Barca again on the bill – also as far as the title in the Europa League is concerned: “You have a good team with a lot of quality and you are the favorite.”

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