Examination of Corruption 2029 – Tactics without frills

I noticed this attitude in the world video games where players are really concerned about the price and the value in a way that I find perplexed. Does a video game have more value if you play it longer? If so, I should pay thousands of dollars to civilization manufacturers. Is it more a Marxist thing? A game applies as much as the work that has been needed to make it? Or should the price be linked to artistic realization? And how do you heal would measure that? Let’s take a look at _Corruption 2029.

I’m talking about it because I think it’s at the heart of the Evaluation Corruption 2029, Developer The Bearded Ladies. This is the team that made excellent Tactical RPG _Mutant Year Zero. This game was good for so many reasons, but in part because the writing was at the point, with the design. And we can not forget the fight, because it was really fun! He captured everything that was fun Xcom Combat on the turn in turn and added a portion of RPG, with different memorable characters who have become more powerful on a skill tree. The corruption takes the bare bones of what did Mutant year zero so much fun and presents it as its own game.

So, there is a kind of story here. It is the near future, and America is in the midst of a civil war (I know, imagine). You play a team of three cyber soldiers increased and… you pulling on a bunch of guys. Stealth gameplay takes place in real time (exactly like in Mutant Year Zero) and when you are spotted, the game is transformed with this goodness in turn. You probably know what to expect. You manage your team’s action points, browse between blankets, sometimes use special capabilities like in Overwatch. The strategic gameplay was excellent in Mutting Year Zero and it stays excellent here. Of course, it does not have the personality of a duck and a pork that speak, but it reduces the basic mechanism to a simpler state. And the heart of the mechanics remains as fun as ever, just without many bells and whistles.


It sounds like an old arcade mode, the kind you do not see too often. It’s like Metal Gear Solid: VR missions, do you remember this game? Basically, it took the basic gameplay of the original metal gear solid and created laid-off levels in polygons. He did not have any MGS was famous for; No 4-hour cinematics, wild twisted, unforgettable characters… just stealth, stifling guards and stealth cameras. It was cool. It was certainly not as good as the original metal gear solid, but that was not the case. It was _missions VR.

I certainly have no idea of ​​the development process of Corruption 2029, but it is not difficult to imagine. The developers realized that they could make a fun game quickly by relying on a fun mechanism of their last game. And they were right. It’s funny! What levels are missing from personality, they compose it with a meticulous design. Each domain is designed to address challenges, take advantage of different capabilities, to force yourself to think differently. I had an explosion, even if I could not tell you the name of a single character.

So, it brings me back to the beginning. How do you evaluate a game like Corruption 2029? “Is it just a marketing issue? Should it be a DLC pack for _Mutting Year Zero? _ And how much should it cost? _The corruption suddenly launched at a price of $ 19.99. _Mutting Year Zero currently costs $ 34.99, and it’s certainly the best game. But is $ 15 better? Who can decide that?

Well, it’s me who writes criticism, so I guess it’s me, and my verdict is that this concern for money and marketing is stupid. It’s a rhetorical game we play, and it has no winners. The fact is that the gameplay The corruption is fun, and I liked playing it. There are not enough difficult tactical games like this (as my thousands of hours xcom 2 can serve as evidence). I congratulate the Bearded Ladies to know that they had a nice idea when they saw it and focus on polishing one aspect – in this case, the gameplay. And these are games, is the gameplay not extremely important? In the end, The corruption is a tight and extremely playable tactical experience.