Partnership with EPIC Games: CD Project Red announces New The Witcher

Away from the popular Netflix series, it was pretty quiet for the The Witcher franchise lately. Since the launch of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt seven years ago as well as the subsequent DLCs Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine Woxer fans are waiting for the announcement of a successor – until now!

For as the responsible developer studio CD project Red announced today, a new the Witcher game is officially in development. This also confirmed the rumors who appeared last year when a job advertisement was searching for a Camera Programmer for an “AAA RPG in the Witcher Universe”.

New Witcher game, new partnership, new engine

The announcement is likely to surprise some Witcher fans pretty much: that CD project Red already worked on a new title, is a little surprising, but the framework conditions are quite unexpected. Because for the development of the new Witcher game, the Polish developer studio has come together with EPIC Games .

This also results that one supports a different engine: While in CD project, previous titles use the in-house REDUGINE technology, you want to develop the new Witcher game using the Unreal Engine 5 – the well-known by Epic Games comes.

With further information about the freshly announced title you get so far and has not revealed neither a release date nor the planned platforms. However, a first promo image to the game is that the well-known witcher medallion shows in the snow, underpin by the words “a new saga begins”. The story of Geralt of Riva was completed with The Witcher 3, fans may probably look forward to a new witch.

Epic Games and CD Project Red: benevolent words from the top floor

Of course, the bosses of the two companies look forward to the announcement and partnership and shook the hands on the occasion of the revelation. Tim Sweeney , the founder and CEO of EPIC Games, seems to be largely from the partnership:
_ “We feel about the possibility to work with CD project Red, deeply honored – Together we want to move the limits of interactive storytelling and gameplay – and this effort will benefit the developer community in the coming years.” _

Also Paweł Zawodny , the CTO of CD project Red, answered words and went to the technical aspect around the engine change: _ “One of the core aspects of our internal red 2.0 transformation is a much stronger focus on technology – And our cooperation with EPIC Games is based on this principle. “_

“For CD project Red, it is crucial that the technical direction of our next game is determined as early as possible as we have used many resources and energy in the past to further develop and adapt the RedEngine with any further publication of a game. “

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