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Neople Yoon-jin Director Dunpa Mobile is the best action game

After entering the ‘Dungeon & Fighter (Dungeon Dungeon, Dungeon “, Yoon Myeong-jin, who was only in the development of Dunpa IP, has stood on a new start line with the” Dungeon and Fighter Mobile “.

The Own District Director was active in Dunpa Development Director from 2014 to 2017. He was called as a friendly developer who tried to communicate with users such as direct climbing on the “Dunp Festival” stage that is held every year.

In particular, the new character launches the new character in the directory period, and the event that meets the faster update and the user needs, the number of new membership subscribers increased by 200%, and the highest PC room market share of the service period. He is currently the overall of an action studio that develops the Neop of Neople, including a new Dunpa Mobile.


Yoon Hyeong-jin Director

\ – I have been introduced a lot as a person who represents Dunpa, and I have been having a lot of questions about human Yoon, I have provided a lot of questions about Dunp. Did you like the game from childhood? If you have sent some school days, and you have a specially enjoyed game, please introduce you.

I liked the game since I was very young. When I was six years old, I had to go to my parents’ secretly after I saw a game called Bubble Bubble. It is a scene that I first played the game that I watched the game all day long. I have not been able to do it because I was so young, I can not even have a few games that I did not go through the game, and I still have a faint.

It is too frequent that the whole day in the entertainment room is too frequent, and the parents who have built computers earlier than others in difficult circumstances. I’ve been doing it all that I could do, and thanks to it, programming and games have been early. I think I’ve been doing everything I could do in my school days. Especially RPG genre, ‘Hero legend’ series, ‘Final Fantasy’ series, ‘Final Fantasy’ series, ‘Genesis’ series, ‘Diablo’ series, ‘Diablo’ series, has a lot of memory.

What happened to the game developer?

When my parents were buying a computer, I could not learn how to use the computer because it was almost no household PC. Then I bought the GW-Basic book, and I had a code to create a simple game as an example of the book.

It was shocking, funny, that I could not believe that I could make a game directly in this way for me that I just thought of a game all day. I think I thought I wanted to be a game developer since then. But I felt the university as a department, and I felt fun, and I thought I had to work as financial sector, and I think the job of the game developer seems to have a fully accidental gauge.

** I wonder what the project you’ve been involved, and the project you’ve been involved in the Neop,

I graduated from university and when I was wandering for a while. The younger brother accidentally had to go to the PC room with the game, “Dunpara is hot,” he said. At that time, Dunpa was so fun that I was so fun to have a game to change the food, but now my girlfriend was a wife, and my girlfriend was recruited at Neop, so I was so interesting.

Finish the statistical analysis employee is being adopted. However, as a preferential for the recruitment announcement, it was found that the person who has been experienced in the game, the person who has been experienced in the game, the person who has covered the database, “he said. The conditions are all right. So I supported it, and I passed and I have to go now.

When it was a new employee, I was mainly done data analysis of Korean Dunpa, and afterwards, I have been moving to the development stole through various things, including payment, marketing, business, event, and live service planning. Things after becoming a director seem to be so good.

To talk about the old story, I planned to have a Dunpa innovation update, a night run event, a new balance update, and a 13-year Dunpa Festival. IU and Shin Bong-line promotions, which I know a lot, are proceeding.

From 2014 to 2017, you have served Dunpa Content Director. At that time, many users have built a positive image of the ‘Yoon Myung-jin’s director’. Do you think any factors have moved their hearts?

I’ve been playing very much for a long time, I’ve been playing dunpa. Since it was not started as a content developer from the beginning, I have been watching the service for a longer time as an adventurer than the staff. When I was in charge of a suddenly a directory, I had a lot of thoughts to have to make a game that does not make a user uncomfortable. “

It does not think that the amount of content updates at the time did not think that the amount of content was very good or the quality was very good, but the adventurers have modified many things. Most of them are things that can not be written to the update list, but it seems to have shown a little improvement when you actually enjoy the game.

I tried to make a lot of updates that I did not feel the betrayal. Last month, I did not even know the benefits of a lot of adventurers who have seen the benefits in front of the snow, which are better selling items than the mountain items than the mountain items.

There were only cases when some adventurers were able to make some adventurers to improve long-term service quality, and there were a lot of time when they did not make satisfactory results compared to what they said, but at least I did not use adventurers for the benefits of me or the company.

And I think they have a lot of common users who have had a lot of stability of the service through such efforts. If you think of them, you always feel a lot of thought that you can always look better thanks.

\ – I wonder what you think of what you need to consider when you operate and develop a game.

Making a game I think it is not much different from making a common product. PC Dunfana is my development philosophy that applies the same on Dunfan Bailles, the highest priority is the user’s satisfaction. When you create a game, you will be a standard to achieve one of two things to yourself and your staff.

DK Mobile:英雄歸來 Gameplay | New MMORPG (TW)
The first is the “I forgot to be a developer and enjoy the content or system that is now created as a player, and I am sincerely enjoying the system.” Is it necessary for all in the long term? ” In most cases, it is necessary to be satisfied in the first, and it is necessary to be very rarely satisfied, but it is not both, but it should not be developed.

\ – Dawn PoMo Baek is a very busy development. Do you have any content that enjoy or enjoy the usual game?

If you have time, most of the time will be sent to other games. How did other developers solved this? How did you think and made it? I like to enjoy the game while playing games. Originally I liked to read books or listen to music, but I was very likely to take the PC Dunp, but I have a new hobby, and I am a narrowing my hobby by playing games as time. I do not think I can show a lot of development direction and quality to our employees and adventurers as I learned a lot of games and learn a lot of games.

\ – How do you regulate the content consumption speed of users in Dunfana Dunfamo?

Because Dunpa is basically a fatigue system, the limit of content consumption rate is clear than other online games, so it is not a clearer and not intended to adjust the consumption rate. Due to the nature of the RPG genre, because the item is dropped when the monster is dropped, the scarcity of equipment must be observed to maintain the joy of acquiring the joy when obtained.

Then, a special dungeon’s special monster has a good adventurer that many adventurers are not able to acquire. Rather, it is more important to prepare for systems or events that correct the content consumption rate to fall as compared to other adventures.

\ – Currently, I am involved in the first Dunpa IP project, and I am ahead of the release of Pemo Bay for the top expectations this year. I am curious about developing this game.

In the past, Dunpa is a new game, a new game was the development of the development deadline, but I have heard that I have to make a PC Dunma graphics as it is. So I made a lightly prototype with some people, and the harmony of mobile devices and dot graphics is so good than I thought, and I started developing in earnest.

What is the most important point in the game as a player?

‘What is left?’ I think most importantly. As a player, ‘How is this game before and after this game?’ Is it different? ‘ If the story is the center, how did you go to the story to deliver the story well? What kind of story was it? It is important to be impressed, whether it is a good idea to be a good idea that the emotions that the player wanted to feel after the player would feel the game, or when the player would feel the game.

What if you have made fun in a way? If you are an adventure game, you are making it important to make it better to explore where you want to explore, and make it a game that is a game that is well delivered by the maker, and feel it well as a player. So I have been the most concentrated to leave a strong impression that is the best action game since I played a Dun PemoBay.

\ – Dungeon Baille, and furthermore, thank you for your users who expect the future of Dunpa and Neop.

I am always a story, but I would like to thank you for your long time I love you. Thanks to many people who love, I was able to serve Dunpa for a long time,

Dunpa is basically I think it has two fun of fun. Use colorful combo and skills to treat monsters and to create a dungeon and clear a dungeon, and to obtain a better dungeon and a good equipment and clear a more difficult dungeon and monster. And there are one thing to add a game, to a total of three important values, up to one of the adventurers to become a reliable developer.

We are always striving to be the best for these three, and all adventurers are endlessly challenging to remember this game as a fun game forever. Although sometimes sometimes I make a mistake, I will try to make a better game, thank you all the time to cheer and love.