Magath in the interview: Its a wonderful beginning

His return to the Bundesliga after nine and a half absence of Absence experienced Felix Magath (68) in the hotel room. Because of Corona he could not experience the 3-0 victory to his debut against Hoffenheim in the stadium. But he was the team meeting as well as before the kick-off and on the halftime. On Sunday morning, just coming out of the shower, the new coach of Berlin Hertha talked to the Mark Fotheringham. During the conversation, he has to cough a few times.

The most important question first: What makes your health, Mr. Magath?

I feel something scratching in the throat. At night I had the main symptom sore throat, not during the day.

Her voice sounds a bit busy and rough.

It’s the first words on this Sunday morning. I have not talked a lot yet.

They spoke on Saturday when they were turned on three times their team. How was it to coach the team from the hotel?

Such a formulation does not meet the situation. The main work has done my assistant Mark Fotheringham, on the bench, in training, in the talks with the players. It was a very difficult situation because we are all new. The players did not know us, I hardly knew the players, except Peter Pekarik. So I had to get a feeling for the players and get me information about them to be able to assess what they do why they do it and how they do something.

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How did you know?

I believe it helps if you do not just take the internet to help alone, but when you take eyes, ears and mouth and thus developed for the other feeling. I tried to implement that to be able to estimate what the team is the best.

By demonstrating attendance, I wanted to show the players: I am there. Whether it helped something, I do not know.

Felix Magath

What was the key to the significant result?

The key was clear that Mark Fotheringham has managed to convey players in training work, how important the compactness is. We only have a great opportunity approved when we were credited…

… you mean the scene in the 25th minute, when Jacob Bruun Larsen shot after a superpass of Kevin Akpoguma alone before Alexander Schwolow over the gate?

Yes, our left defensive side left the player. But it was also a great action of the opponent. That one of the opponents makes trouble, belongs to football. If it occurs once, it’s normal. That happens, I do not want to criticize that, but rather it speaks for the compact behavior of the players that we have otherwise hardly allowed something – and against a top team of the Bundesliga. The compactness was crucial for the victory.

You have spoken in the team meeting, before the kick-off and in the half-time break to the team by switching: what could you convey there?

I could only try to keep the mood up. By demonstrating attendance, I wanted to show the players: I am there. Whether it helped something, I do not know _ (laughs) _. But it is better than nothing to do.

The Hertha-eleven was awake differently than last 90 minutes, handy, determined and just compact: how did you and your co-trainer pack the team so fast?

It is a normal behavior of a team that they – if they had difficulties with the previous coach, for whatever reason, or anything does not accept – under a new coach, that she is better than it seems to appear would have. A high readiness is often normal after a coach change. That’s why coaches are changed at a time when you can get a victory.

You have placed Niklas strongly in the 4-1-4-1 system as a six: what was the idea behind it?

Niklas strong was great on this position. I have followed him in his time at the 1st FC Nuremberg, he was a very hopeful player and became national player.

has proven this measure from your point of view?

Of course. It was just fine, how compact we were. And it was difficult to get past our defensive.

If a Marvin Plattenhardt has such a gifted left feet and can bring the dormant balls as well, he has a special weapon.

Felix Magath

All three goals fell according to standards. Have you to practice standards day and night?

_ (laughs heartily) _ Mark also made standards, clear. The effect is dependent on the players. If a Marvin Plattenhardt has such a gifted left feet and can bring the dormant balls so well, he has a special weapon. Against Hoffenheim, the free kicks were superior to him, he has beaten them wonderfully. And at Niklas Darks Tor to 1: 0 the will to come to the ball to see. Strong was not held, but did not lay down, but retired and continued the ball and puts the gate with a super technique from top to bottom.

What can this victory trigger?

It is a wonderful beginning, no question. The victory helps the players to get more security. But a game, a victory and you get out of the relegation battle: It’s not that easy.

How do you rate the starting position of Hertha?

We are still just as in the relegation battle as before the game. Already in the upcoming game in Leverkusen it becomes difficult enough to get something there. Our task is the league, and the situation has improved only insignificantly after this matchday. We have come forward, clear, that gives us hope that it goes on, but we have to work properly in the next two weeks during the country break.

Where do you go to the training camp?

For now we stay in Berlin. But it is possible that we still go to a training camp.

I hope I can go under the people on Wednesday.

Felix Magath

When do you expect Stevan Jovetic?

I hope he can participate again this week and can even drive Montenegros on the weekend to the national team.

And when do you return to the square?

I hope I can go under the people on Wednesday.

Is it definitely that you only stay these eight games coaches of Hertha? Or can it be that managing director Fredi Bobic will extend their commitment?

We never talked about something else. Neither from his nor from my side was sometime the approach to talking about a long time than these eight games. That’s not an issue at all. I am aware of the task and concentrate on it. It’s the beautiful thing about my situation: I do not need to worry about.

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