How to save both sisters Vimpire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

VTM: Bloodlines Saving Therese and Jeanette: Step-By-Step
Teresa and Janett Vurman – Gemini Vampires Malkaviana, who own the ASYLUM nightclub in Santa Monica – the first area where you start your adventure. After you meet with them and perform different quests individually for them, you will be given a quest called rivalry between children .

At this point, you find that the twins actually represent two minds in a single vampire body trying to fight for the domination. Then you are given three options: get up to the side of Jaette, stand up to the side of Teresa or convince them to coexist as one.

The choice of one over the other can be done in any passage, but only under certain circumstances you can convince them to coexist.

First, the player must have belief level on the fourth, before even think about salvation of both sisters. Secondly, it is important to note that each sister has its own variable relationship, which means that you must have equally good relationships with both after the first meeting with them.

For Jegestte, seduction Answers in every conversation will help you to achieve it, and for Teresa you want to choose belief Answers.

Finally, you must make sure that at the point where you find pendant at the end Ocean’s house Quest, you later guess His Teresa, not Janette. After that, you will not be difficult to convince both sisters to live together in one body.

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