Where to go in chapter 15? – Guide to choose a triangle strategy

Triangle Strategy COMPLETE Route Guide - All Branching Paths Explained In Detail
At first it may be not obvious, but the choice do case in the triangle strategy. It affects three things: the ending you get, people who will fight with you, and the battles that are waiting ahead. And so far in history it is important than ever. Having three difficult options, is it worth staying in the capital, to protect the village of Roselalan or meet with his father in the castle Wolffort?

It may be difficult to ignore the brewing civil war in the capital and cry for help in the village of Rosellan, but you need to go to Castle Wolffort . Roland can suppress the uprising of his guard, and people in the village of Rosellle (along with Frederica) are more than enough to fasten with some gangsters.

However, Wolffort Castle is not protected. If you do not go home, there will be bad things, and you will not be there, which will block you from the true finals. Visiting Castle Wolffort will also allow you to hire a Milo, a dancer from Khizantia.

If you want to continue two other routes in another passage, know that you will be rewarded by other exclusive characters. Cordelia, the younger sister of Roland, will join your army if you stay in the capital. Meanwhile, the ether Trisch or Trevis can be invited if you go to the Rosellan village.

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