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Street Fighter V: Pixel and Cel filters

Street Fighter V - March 2022 Update Trailer
In the aftermath of our KOF XV test, which is off his first DLC with Team Garou Mark of the Wolves, Capcom returns to the load with Street Fighter V and announces the arrival of a definitive update. This will be deployed from March 29 and promises a global rebalancing between the characters, but also and especially the arrival of filters to make the game more friendly. We can put the game in Cel-Shading mode, for an even more cartoon rendering, even if the differences with the original version does not jump well to the eyes, the Street Fighter V graphimes already very bd in its aesthetics.. You can also pass the game with a pixel filter, whose rendering makes the game simply illegible. A doubtful choice therefore, which probably likely to emulate. New outfits are also planned, while it will be possible to listen to remixed versions of the themes of certain characters. Here is the big trailer.